Help! Cabas Piano or Mezzo???

  1. Please help!! I bought both the Piano and the Mezzo :nuts: and CANNOT keep both. I first bought the Piano and thought it was a bit small - it can fit all the essentials, but I like to have room for extras! :biggrin: I went back to LV and bought the Mezzo so I could take it home to compare sizes. While the Mezzo is a lot bigger, which is convenient for work, etc., is it too large? Which one would you keep? I am torn! :cry: My 14 days is fast approaching and I'd appreciate your input. Thanks!
  2. I would keep Mezzo.
  3. In my book bigger is better so I'd have to say Mezzo! But if you aren't really feeling either one, why not try the Batignolles?
  4. Mezzo
  5. I would say the mezzo, but how tall are you? If you are petite, then maybe the piano would be better for you.
  6. Mezzo.It will hold alot.
  7. Definitely Mezzo, much more practical size
  8. I like big bags. I'd say Mezzo but it also depends on how tall you are and which bag looks better on you.
  9. Mezzo, I am only 5'3" and I think mezzo isn't that big.
  10. Wow, an overwhelming majority in favor of the Mezzo! I am pretty petite, only 5'2", but I don't think the size is too much for someone of my height. The Piano will be going back tomorrow. Thanks for the help ladies! :biggrin:
  11. I like the Piano. Im 5'3.
  12. Looks like you've decided, but i"ll chime in anyway. I'm 5'2" as well, i love my Mezzo.
  13. good choice. keep the mezzo.