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  1. Help!! I just purchased a cabas mezzo today from someone off craigslist. Appaerently , I didn't meet her at Lv and I kick myself in the butt for that . :cursing: Only because I had a friend buy from her and it was authentic. But the bag was a great deal to me because I only paid $650 when the asking price was $700 and the condition is like new. The patina just lightly honeyed.
    Anyways, the question is the datecode is inside the pocket on a tab , Is that normal is says SD0076 ? Also it says louis vuitton, paris made in usa.
    The pocket inside is just a pocket not zippered as to what I see on eBay.
    If you could please help answer those questions

    Thanks sooooooooooooo much!!!!!:yes:
  2. The Mezzo comes with either a zippered pocket or a patch pocket (no zipper) depending on where and when it was made.
    If you post pictures in the Authenticate This forum here, we can tell you for sure.
  3. Changes
  4. Thank's. I will do all that. By the way I love your collection.:smile: