Help: BV large Hobo

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  1. For those of you who own the large BV hobo, does it soften up after use and become more slouchy? I tried one in the store and it seems pretty structured. :confused1: I really wants one that is slouchy and just hugs my body. TIA!
  2. mine's so so so so soft.. it's amazing.. you just have to put stuff in it and slouchy it goes :heart: can't post pics right now unfortunately, she's off at lovinmybags having a huge oil stain removed :Push:
  3. i dont think it goes slouchy but its the way the leather is.... SOFT and luxurious
  4. Oh yes, it gets softer with use. You will LOVE it.:yes:
  5. i own three BV's yes it goes softer with use and it slouches more. The more you use the bag the softer and the sloucher the leather goes. Bv's are really amazing both workmanship and leather. imo every girl should at least have one BV :smile:
  6. Thank you for the answers. I will go get one :yes:
  7. I have the BV ball bag and was torn between the hobo and the ball and I decided for the ball because it has a botton to place on and it slouches more and felt softer than the hobo. May be you want to consider the ball as an option, too.