help buying new shoes! which pair?

  1. Help which one?



  2. I like the 3rd pair and the wedges best. Depends on what you want to wear them with I know, but either of those :smile:
  3. I just need a new pair of white shoes and don't want to spend alot! So I went to eBay and found all these! I think I like 1,3 and 4 the best the more I think but still can't choose.
  4. I like the first pair the best.

  5. Number 3 is hot
  6. #1 and #4 IMO!
  7. I like no.1 and 3
  8. Number1 and 3 are cute but they look super high. I wish i could wear shoes this high too.
  9. WEDGES! Those other shoes look like they'd be uncomfortable. Those wedges are uber cute!
  10. I love both 1 and 3
  11. The first is nice, but seems really high!
  12. I like the first and third.
  13. I like the last pair best.
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