HELP!!!! buying is offering to buy item now but i dont know its true worth...

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  1. Hello,

    I am selling a working but poor condition item on ebay, i wont give the listing or anything, i dont know the worth of the item... because there are so many models and so on and different conditions...

    but i KNOW the offer is below market value, but i also know items dont always sell for market value... what should i do? should i take the low bid? should i let the bids pay out? it is for 99 cents with no reserve so i could sell it for $10 and miss out on an extra $240...
  2. The best thing to do is an auction in this case...let the market decide the value. If the person really wants it, they will bid.
  3. I agree with the first poster. If you don't know the true value of what you are selling, just let the auction play out, I think that is definitely your best bet. Good luck with your auction!
  4. any chance you could tell us at least what the item is, so maybe we can really give you good advice??? especially if it's a handbag that is worth quite a bit, but maybe you're not aware of its worth??? if not, that's understandable, too.
  5. Hi,
    If you can't figure out the normal selling rate for the item because you can't see a close equivalent, you are indeed at the mercy of the market. One strategy to lessen the blow is to set an opening price you could live with, which is probably not $1.

    The best strategy, though, is to first absolutely try hard to get a better handle on its normal selling value, in case you didn't yet give it a full research effort. That way you have more control and know what to try to get--not saying you will get it, but you won't accidentally lose a ton of its equity.

    Good luck!
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    i am not sure it is allowed, but its a 17in macbook with many broken parts, no wifi, no working dvd, dented case, sticky keys, ect... but the screen, motherboard and hard are ok... so i am not sure what the worth of something like that is... i thought it might be worth $100 if i was lucky but i am starting to think it might be worth much more, if i got an offer like that minutes after the auction opened...


    my kindle 2 which works perfectly he wanted to know if i was accepting offers for that, i was not, as i know that still has some value of at least $150...
  7. if its not allowed mods please delete my previous post
  8. Whatever you do, don't accept any offers outside of ebay or you won't be covered. He can always file a PP chargeback or say he never got it or say it didn't work or something. If you do it off ebay, I would only accept a USPS money order, but if it's done ON Ebay that way (money order only USPS), he can still leave a neg for the transaction.
  9. Sorry I can't help as to the value of your item, but whatever you do, make sure you keep a record and photo of your laptop's serial number and any identifying numbers on the hard drive and motherboard (if its even possible with the motherboard, I'm a little IT clueless). Your buyer could be offering you more $$ than your item is worth in order to get it and swap out the parts they need for their own laptop. Then they could do a SNAD or chargeback to force a return and wind up with the parts and their money back.

    Okay, skeptical theory aside, you might want to look up completed auctions for the parts of your laptop that do work. Anyone who buys your item is either buying it for parts or to rehab it, so if you at least know what the major working parts go for separately, you can get a general idea of what half of your potential buyers are comparing your item with. Hope that makes sense and helps!
  10. It's been my experience that the faster you get those offers to let people buy it right now, the more value you have.
    Let the auction play out, OP. That's your best bet.
    I put a LAMB bag up several years ago, hoping to recoup my $100. I got offer after offer for it so decided I better let the auction run. I ended up with over $700 on that bag- imagine my shock and glee!
    Good luck with your auctions!
  11. Have you gone to completed listings on ebay to see if you can find your item in similar condition to see what they sold for? If you haven't, it is worth looking. You can see what other people listed and sold the item for
  12. ok. thank you!! i ended up ending the listing and re-listing the item. this time though i got like 5 messages right away asking to buy the item from $200-$350 so i know its worth more than what he was offering me. now the guy is pissed!!!
  13. PLEASE HELP!!!

    I am on the phone with ebay, both of my listing have been removed and i got an email saying that i was reported for trying to sell my item off ebay!!!!

    i am trying to remain claim but i am very upset!!

    i am talking to on the phone to ebay but i dont know what i can do. thankfully i never sent or accepted any emails off of ebay and everything was done within ebay!!!
  14. the first guy who sent you an offer probably reported you to get back at you for not selling to him.
  15. ugg!!!

    i called and emailed ebay...
    is there anything else i can do? my auctions have been pulled :sad:....