Help buying Birkin

Sep 10, 2007
I have spent the last month pouring over the wonderful words of wisdom the lovely Hermes ladies of tPF have been gracious enough to share and have reviewed all the advice on how to buy a Birkin. I have a few questions that are more specific to my situation and was hoping you could give me more insight.

I used to live in the Upper East side of Manhattan. For whatever reason, I was not interested in H handbags. (I know, the sacrilege...) I did love H products and purchased jewelry, baby products and an infinite supply of neck ties for my DH who loves H ties. After the baby, we decided to move out west to a place without an H store available (again, the sacrilege...) Lately, the birkin bug has bit me. I've been inspired by all your beautiful pics and enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, I never worked with one particular SA. The Mad Ave store was always so busy, I was just happy to get whoever was free to help me. Also, almost all my purchase were made on the 2nd/3rd floor or the men's dept. so I never got to know anyone on the handbag floor. It has been a couple years since I moved and made a purchase at an H store, so depsite having been a loyal customer, I don't think my past purchases will count towards anything.

I will be making one of my bi-annual shopping trips to NY in June and was hoping to secure a 30 cm Black birkin w/ palladium hardware. I will also be purchasing a CDC and a bunch of neck ties for DH. Any suggestions on what I should do? Are black (classic color) birkins hard to come by? I also travel to Las Vegas a few times a year. Are my odds to score a birkin better in Vegas or NY?



Sep 10, 2006
in an orange box
I can't help you regarding inventory of the stores, but my suggestion is that when you go to Madison, head to the men's department and buy your DH's ties. Whilst doing that, casually mention that you used to buy regularly until you moved out west where there is no H store. Once they call up your info, they should be able to see your buying history.

After doing that, either ask the SA for a Birkin, or if she/he can recommend an SA in the handbag department to you. Then work it from there.
Feb 1, 2006
can't speak for NYC, but last time I was in vegas I saw 2 30 birkins-one w/GHW & 1 w/PHW...and the GHW was on the shelf!