Help! Buying bag unseen!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm new to this forum and have wanted a B-bag for quite a few years now. I am finally able to get one :yahoo: and was going to order one over the phone however I am now worried about the different leathers! I'm getting a black city and I read on another thread that the leather really varies. I want the fabulous smushy not too veiny (almost looks grayish) one. Should I just wait until I can go in person? I might have to wait till later this year:sad:
    Any suggestions? Is there really that big of a difference? I would hate to be disappointed after waiting so long to get one.
    Thanks for any suggestions and I love all of your B-bags!

  2. I imagine there's nothing that beats going in person and picking out your bbag with the leather to your liking. The next best thing would be to talk to a SA that knows how to pick good leather. The SA's at BALNY seem to know their stuff. I've had a lot of success purchasing through them sight unseen. GOOD LUCK! and...WELCOME.
  3. I can't imagine there being any ugly black Balenciagas out there. That said, probably the variations definitely suit different tastes.

    I just got an Aquamarine City and the color is fabulous. Even deeper and richer than I expected. Never seen it before except on tpf.

    Good luck and post pics when you get it.
  4. If you want a black city, then try to get one that's from the F/W season (the current season). The leather is much better than the 2007 S/S season. Good luck!
  5. Thanks for your help, everyone! I'll post pictures once I get her! I can't wait...