Help buying an Edith

  1. Hi everyone, I have been struggling to find the perfect brown bag-when it hit me that the Edith was perfect for what I need! So, where is the best place to find one now? eBay?
    Are there reputable online shops which sell it? Googling sent me to some sites which I think may sell fakes. Help!
  2. You should also try Neiman Marcus Last Call stores. They have had some ediths. Are you looking for a particular style of edith?
  3. My first choice is a satchel in whiskey- I think the medium. I am having trouble finding the officia measurements for the sizes. I like the chocolate, tan and light greyish color also.
    I like the bowler as well- if i found a good deal on it i wouldnt turn it down!
  4. Definitely keep your eye on eBay (but ******************) and also you might want to contact Ann's Fabulous Finds. She may be able to let you know when one comes into her shop. It is a lovely bag - hope you find it!
  5. I called a couple of NMLC stores today in the hopes that I would come across a Betty (no luck today!).

    Anyways, the lady I spoke with at the Sawgrass Mills store was helpful but not very familiar with styles, etc. but they had a couple of Chloes and it sounded like she was describing Ediths. She said they had "red" (which I'm guessing is the whiskey?), brown, and tan. Not sure if they were satchels or bowlers but it's worth a try. Good luck!