Help: Buyers who offers are insulting

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  1. I am fairly new to ebay but already I have several ebayers offer me insulting almost disgusting offers for items that are not only buy it nows, but also say no offers of any kind in the listing.

    I am just mad. For example I offered this designer bag for $650.00. It retailed for over $800.00. It was released this fall 2012.

    I already have the item at $150.00 off and a buy it now with free overnight shipping. And this woman emails me today and wants to buy it for $310.00. But first she wants a million more pictures, to know the color, if it is new, how it would look with a dog in it and so on.

    Half the stuff she asked was already in the listing. I have over 15 pictures up. I answer all questions but this woman wants a million answered and wants to pay around a third of retail of a brand new bag.

    I also told her I was insulted but I do not want any trouble.

    Does anyone else have these types of bidders? I'm just so upset
  2. Block and ignore
  3. it's best to just ignore them.. I had a brand new bag BIN for 2k and got 22 offers under 1k. They were all automatically declined.
  4. I would BLOCK that ebayer and move on. It's better to be safe then sorry. If they're already and PITA I could just imagine what else they'd complain about.
  5. IGNORE! I have one who offer me 75% off my listed price! Says that this is for a quick deal! 75% off! I didnt even allow 'Make a offer'! What to do? Just ignore...
  6. I feel your pain.
    Had a buyer made an offer for a Brand new YSL Roady with Stingray handle bag for $300 and it retails for $1800+.
    How can you respond to that? And to pour salt to the wound she offered to pay off ebay so i can save on ebay fees.
    Again, how can you respond to that.
    And wanted to know if bag was authentic, even when i have more than 10 LARGE photos of the bag.
    I might as well give the bag to her for free.
    Weird buyers on ebay :sad:
    Block and move on sister!:smile:
  7. Block and move on.
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    I agree, block and move on...

    TBH I feel a lot of sellers are unrealistic about pricing. If a bag is HTF and in demand, sure, you can price it close to retail or even above. But why would I pay 80-90% of retail for a bag from some eBay seller when I could pay a little bit more and go to Nordstrom and be assured a good experience, a refund window, a receipt to show authenticity if I ever wanted to resell, etc.?

    You didn't mention if the bag is NWT or EUC. For an EUC bag I would want more than a 20% discount from retail, especially if the bag is current season and in stores. Heck 20% discounts are easy enough to come by by waiting for a sale or code, opening a credit card, buying a gift card, finding a friend who gets an employee or academic discount... and you get a NWT bag.

    Just another perspective... don't take offense... it just is really difficult to sell a bag for close to retail when you are not a retail store with everything that goes along with that.
  9. I understand what you mean. I get so many low, insulting offers. When I list the item, I have auto decline set so I don't have to respond to low offers. I know its tempting to want to say something back to the buyer but its best to just ignore or block. I had a $75.00 pair of pants listed once and got a $5.00 offer. It would have cost me at least $9.00 to ship them!
  10. I think you can automatically filter out low offers, you just have to set the amount.
  11. I never use buy it now in my auctions but still receive offers that are insulting to say the least. Example:

    Chanel bag - I purchased for $3100.00 plus tax and only used once (10 out of 10 condition), my price $2400
    buyer sends an email saying she bought the exact bag for $1000.00 but lost it and wanted to know if I would accept 1100.00 for it. She's a liar and a moron so I just blocked her. I have learned that it's better TO block and ignore than respond with anger. They think they can get something for nothing on EBAY but also want the same terms and treatment they would get at Neimans or Nordstrom. I also received and email from a moron asking why I'm selling a bag at that price and what did I pay for it. I get questions like this all the time and more so in the last few years.
    Like the others have said BLOCK AND IGNORE:smile:
  12. LOL @ wanting a picture of a dog in the purse.
  13. Block & ignore...
  14. You can also use the auto-decline option, which allows ebay to automatically decline offers less than x amount. This way, you never have to review lowball offers!
  15. I can understand being annoyed at a low offer, but insulted? They're trying to get something for the lowest price they can. That's human nature. Irritating, maybe, but it's not personal. Why on earth would anyone be insulted?

    I just don't understand this perspective at all.