HELP - buyer wants me to end listing early?

  1. Hi girls - I could reeeeeeeeally use your help!

    I am a brand new seller on eBay, and got an immediate contact from someone who wanted to purchase the bag now at the starting bid + shipping, and she said I really needed her positive feedback for a bag like the one I'm selling. It's a 7-day listing, and I had thought it was against eBay policy to end listings early - even though I can't find anything about it there. What's right? what's wrong? I do want to build up my feedback score as a seller but I'm still really naive about how to go about it.
    Should I have ended the listing early and sold it to her? Wouldn't that have required selling outside of eBay?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
  2. In my opinion, there is no benefit in ending the auction early to sell it to her for the opening bid. She should just bid on it (or snipe it), and maybe she will win or maybe get outbid. If she offered you more than the opening bid, it might benefit you. But right now ending early for her would only benefit her. ;)

    As for Ebay rules: It's not against the rules to let her bid on it, then end the auction early to sell to the high bidder at the current price (it's an option for sellers through Ebay). It's only against the rules to sell the item off of Ebay. If you did, she wouldn't be able to leave you feedback anyway!
  3. yeah - i'm starting to feel naive - she said she wanted to buy the bag quickly for her daughter's birthday, but she only offered the opening bid, nothing higher. if she had offered something higher i would have considered it, but nope.

    The only thing is, I'm selling a higher-end designer bag and she kept saying that would be troublesome for me because I have no seller feedback :confused1:. I did direct all potential buyers to tPF for authentication and posted as many pics as I could, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to convince buyers - but she said her positive feedback would really help, which I would have liked.
  4. I agree with 'caannie' she is trying to get you to sell the bag for her benefit and is trying to negotiate a cheaper price with the feedback issue - l would let the auction run myself to see if you have any further bids after all if she wants the bag someone else could also possibly want it too. The question is would you be happy to accept the opening bid?
  5. she knows you are new so she is just saying that...and she is not offering you more money than the starting bid...i would NOT end the auction earlt for her if she wants it she can bid and wait till the auctions ends...don't forget ebay is slow right now in the fall it picks up so you can also get more potential buyers
  6. I find the harder someone presses, the more it is probable that they think the item is going to go for a high price and are trying to get it cheap by playing mindgames. I never end an auction early.

    I have had people beg, say they will die if they dont get the item, plead they need it for an anniversary, birthday, wedding gift, etc. It is all mindgames. I just ignore it.
  7. Do you have watchers on it? If you do, and you think you will get more, just let it ride. Sometimes, watchers are just that though. I had 75 watchers on a bag I recently sold and there were only a few more bids on the auction when it ended.

    I agree with the other posters, she is trying to intimidate you and take advantage since you are new. She already placed a bid, so if anything she will win the auction 6-7 days from now. lol

    I have contacted sellers before asking if they would take X amount for something or if they would possibly end the listing to me early to sell at the current price, but I have not given them some sob story about how I need the item immediately or that I am saving them the hassle. Ultimately, it's their decision and yours in this case.

    I see no harm in buyers asking sellers certain questions, BUT I feel like she is trying to bully you. Just my two cents!
  8. BlueGenes

    Don't worry about the comment she has made, almost bullying tactics to put you under pressure.

    Hang in there, and I hope you get a good price for the item.:heart:
  9. Her telling you that "you need her feedback" is a bullying tactic. I wouldn't end it early. She's not offering any reason for you to. If you haven't responded to her email yet, I would just politely thank her for her offer, but that you would like to leave the auction up for its full duration.
  10. It's not really like she offered you a good deal to end your auction early for her. If the auction had just stared and all she offered was the starting bid, what's your incentive? I definitly would not have ended the auction early in hopes of getting more for the purse.
  11. I have ended auctions early for buyers that have offered me what I considered a fair price. To do so all you have to do is go to help on eBay and type in end listing early. A link will come up for the form and then you just put in the auction number and click the link that says you will sell to the highest bidder. If it is not possible to end the listing this way (bid is only 9.99 and she will pay $100..but her next bid will only take her to 10.49) I just end the auction early..and then relist as a BIN for this person. Does that make sense?

    However, I wouldn't sell to this buyer..I might even be tempted to block her on my Blocked Bidder List. She sounds like a PITA.
  12. I had someone that wanted a LaRok sweater I had so bad that I did end the auction early for her and we have been friends ever since LOL. I will say she made me a good offer that was above the starting price so I thought it was fair. I then had 3 or 4 emails from girls that were kind of annoyed I did that cause they were interested. Well they should have bid then right?

    Also I had a Longaberger set that was at the starting price of $250 for the whole 7 days and in the last 5 minutes 2 bidders had a war and it went to $630. So I try not to end early cause that would have cost me alot of $$ LOL.
  13. Thanks, you guys! I'm SOOOOO grateful I have experts here on tPF to turn to. I really wasn't sure whether I should have just let the auction play out. She wrote that it would really help me to have her positive feedback, and she wanted to get it in time for her daughter's birthday, I thought, "Oh how nice of her" and was about to sell it to her quickly when I realized she wasn't even offering the starting bid - she wanted the bag for the starting bid price WITHOUT shipping fees. !!

    How do you find out if people are watching the auction?
  14. Yeah I would just let it ride. Go your "My Ebay" page. Then go to "selling". And it will have the item/items you are selling listed and if you look to the right of the item, you will see a column with "# of watchers". Hope that helps!
  15. what was is??? lv , chanel or???