help! buyer wants a refund.

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  1. i sold my longchamp i got it at the bloomies private sale like in march.
    and this girl brought it on ebay and not she says if fake. but its real. back then long champ is made from france and has recently changed to made from china. but its still authentic. so i dunno what to do now. i never got did a refund before. and i dont want to because its not fake and its not fair that shes wasting my time. and what if when she returns it she gives me a fake one back?

    "Hi! i just got the bag and honesty this is not authentic. I compared it with the dept store bags and the inside logo is fake. Please do comply with your return policy. I will mail out today. I'm very diappointed as i paid over $100 for this bag."


  2. To make your life easier, if you have the original receipt from Bloomies,you can tell

    the buyer that and see if she backs down. she might file a claim .. so think about what

    you want to do
  3. before she bidded on the item she asked if it was authentic so i took a pic of the receipt and messaged her in the email.
  4. so she has seen it already. and trusted me
  5. The only glitch is if someone bought a real Longchamp from Bloomies and then returned to them a fake (which you bought not knowing it was a returned fake?) This may be a problem. I am not sure how to deal with this one. You think it is authentic and she says fake. I think she may have to prove it's a fake ???
    Maybe post your auction in the Authenticate Longchamps section (do we have one here?) and see what they say??
  6. I hate to tell you this, but if the buyer files a claim through PP she will win. I don't even think that they need to prove the item is fake. I just went throught the same thing with a buyer claiming a pair of authentic Christian Louboutin boots that I sold were fake. Unfortunately I think that sellers are at the mercy of eBay and PayPal. I am so sick of this crap!
  7. Went thourgh the same thing but my situation was different ( i shipped a coach handbag to an APO address and the buyers claimed not to receive it ).

    PayPal will always rule in favor of the may want to show proof by sending Paypal the receipt once the claim is filed and see whether that helps...On the other hand, you should always have a security tag on your merchandise....I do with mine, so that if they have authenticity issues, then you'll know that the merchandise they're returning belongs to you and not some other fake items they once had.

    Good Luck.
  8. i don't know what she means by "please comply with your return policy " since your auction states you don't accept returns !
    but, yes, if she opens a dispute, she will probably win. what have you replied to her with ?
  9. inside logo???? Pliage do not have any inside logo. The logo is on the flap on the outside.
  10. the inside which says where its made from and material

  11. my answer after her msg

    it is not fake. i really got it at bloomingdales during their family and friends sale. did you go to bloomingdales to check? how is the logo inside fake? just cause its made from china?

    then i msged her again
    please go to a longchamp store or call them up and ask where they are made from. shes suppose to say from France or china. im still thinking about this problem. i cant get over it. my bags are 100% authentic!!!....

    its 10pm. wouldnt she be on ebay worried about her problem? shes still didn't answer me yet.
  12. Don't rule out the possibility that she has a fake and is planning to return it.