Help! Buyer thinks my bag is fake!

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  1. It's a balenciaga city. I had it authenticated here on tpf when I bought it. I decided to sell it almost immediately after buying it.
    Buyer receives it and says its fake. She says its missing zappo on the underside of the zipper.
    I've since had it authenticated by 3 of the authenticators here on TPF.
    She has opened a PayPal dispute!
    Honestly at this point I really just want it back and to refund her.
    I'm so worried this is a scam. What should I do!?

  2. Email her asap to return your bag and you will give her a full refund.
    I am scared paypal might ask her to destroy your bag because she thinks it is fake:sad:
    Good luck OP.
  3. Did she have any evidence that it is fake? Thought paypal would request for evidence? Also you said you have it auth here, your posts could be your evidence against her. You have them? I am worried to ask her to send the bag back as she might do a swop as well.
  4. Neither Ebay nor Paypal will accept the word of TPF authenticators. There are professional authenticators that are accepted by Ebay/PP. They will usually charge a fee for their service. I usually pay Carol to authenticate LV when I sell it and put that in the listing. IMO it is money well spent.
    I don't know who the best authenticators are for Bal but someone should come along with that info

    Good Luck:flowers: