Help!! Buyer thinks I sold her a fake Kooba!!!!

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  1. Hi guys,

    I really really need all of your help!!

    I had recently sold an almost new Kooba Lena in Honey on eBay. I had just received a message from the buyer saying that she thinks the bag is a REPLICA and is demanding her money back!!! :okay::tdown:

    I bought the bag directly from and still have the receipt/confirmation email to prove it. Do you think that will help her see that it is ABSOLUTELY an authentic bag?

    I am so sad and offended by the buyer's message. I absolutely HATE fake bags and will never ever EVER think about selling fake bags to people!!!!! I didn't even want to sell the Kooba but I had to because I have to pay for graduate school. And now the buyer, who got a fantastic deal on a bag I love, is accusing me of selling fake merchandise. I am so upset right now and would greatly appreciate all of your advice and help. Thank you SO MUCH in advance.

  2. I would let her know that it is not fake and you have receipts. I would also ask her why she believes it to be fake... You could encourage her to post it here for authentification.
  3. Sounds to me like buyer's remorse! You can offer the receipt to her but I am inclined to think she is still going to want her money back because she probably does not truly believe the bag is fake. She is likely just making an excuse to try and get her money back. Sorry that's happened to you! I really don't have any advice other than you may have a fight on your hands if you choose to go that route. You might be better off just to refund as I doubt she really wants proof of authenticity.
  4. You should get her to PROVE that it is fake. If she opens a dispute through paypal just make sure you scan all those receipts and every bit of information you have to prove her wrong. I have never owned a kooba but do they have some sort of number you could match from RC's website?

    I hope you get this sorted out.. I would be so angry if someone accused one of my bags of being fake!

    From the looks of it, she seems like a very tough ebayer and hard to deal with. Shes gonna need the proof in order to get her money back .
  5. forenfinal, Mustlovedogs, effinhaute: thank you so much for your advice. What's frustrating is that the buyer has GREAT feedbacks!!! 99.9%!!! So what I don't understand is why she would accuse me of selling a fake.. I HATE eBay...if it weren't for graduate school $$$ I would not even consider selling there!
  6. Did she state why she thought it was fake and point out those things so that you could counter them? Also, have you looked through her feedback to see if she's purchased other Kooba bags or not, meaning she is quite possibly not familiar enough with them to authenticate it herself? Maybe she just needs the reassurance of the receipt, etc. Just trying to give the buyer the benefit of the doubt as some newbies go nutty with fear of buying a fake....but frankly, as others have stated it sounds like buyer's remorse.

    I guess the decision comes down to one of two options: Do you feel up to a fight or do you just want her to go away? No matter what you decide I hope it works out for you! :smile:
  7. I have bought Koobas from Revolve Clothing and they are reputable and only sell authentic bags. Provide your buyer with a copy of your receipt (with credit card details omitted). In the meantime, why not post pictures of your Lena in the Kooba section of TPF for authentication or perhaps suggest your buyer posts pictures? It sounds like this can be resolved easily, unless of course it's buyers remorse, in which case she could end up a pain in the ass.
  8. Accept a return, but give her neg feedback.:angel: Can you do that? I agree with mustlovedogs, it sounds like she just wants to back out.

    Was the Lena even faked, ever? I don't think so.
  9. Don't take it back. It will make you look like you knew it was counterfeit when you sold it. Stick to your guns. She will probably file a claim but chances are, they will make her prove that it's fake.
  10. To answer Jenny's question, you can take it back and leave neg FB. The only problem is that that might generate a retaliatory neg saying you sold a fake which you would deny but it would still be on your FB record. If you have a receipt from a reputable seller, that should be good enough to prove authenticity.
  11. I'm going to go against the grain and say that you should give her the benefit of the doubt first, and email her a copy of the receipt and tell her about tPF! Honestly, I've been burned on eBay before, and I was livid when the seller told me the burden of proving the bag was fake was on the BUYER, when she knew that the stores would never provide anything in writing to say that it's fake (although they did verbally tell me that it was, in fact, counterfeit).

    I am not in any way questioning the authenticity of your bag, but I think that you should try to work it out with the buyer before you automatically assume that it's buyer's remorse. For all you know, a not-so-knowledgeable acquaintance might have suggested to her that it WASN'T real, and that's all she's going by.

    Of course, the buyer could just simply have changed her mind, but please also think about it from her point of view. eBay's so full of fakes now, can you really blame anyone for doubting the authenticity of anything? Sorry if this offended anyone, but just my $0.02.
  12. Have her take it in to any authorized Kooba retailer, or send it in to Kooba directly; provide her with the phone number and address of Kooba. Provide as much information to her as you possibly can, and stay polite, even if she is rude and nasty. Requiring her to have the bag authenticated perfectly reasonable.

    Don't be offended, just "stay cool" and level-headed - if you know it's real, then it can be proven :smile:
  13. "Hi, It has nothing to do with the tag. When you feel at the bottom of the purse - there is a bunch of excess outer material that wasn't trimmed (between the outside and the lining) - I am sure you felt it when you used the bag. Kooba does not leave their bags unfinished like that.
    Please let me know your address - I would like to get this sent back tomorrow for a refund. Thanks."

    THIS IS WHAT SHE SENT ME.... I have no idea what the F she's talking about. She seems very persistent about returning the bag. What should I do?????
  14. She is driving me INSANE
  15. Tell her to take PICTURES and send it to you and to leave it at a high res so you can see the detail. Also, tell her she must keep the bag in order to authenticate it because you aren't willing to refund her the money over assumptions that it isfake when it isn't. She doesn't have any real evidence. Maybe you can do a live chat with ebay or call paypal to see what they recommend you do.

    I personally wouldn't refund her the money even if it takes a while to figure out only because she might leave feedback saying I sell fake bags which would definitely hurt me in the future.

    You should provide the number and website of RC and tell her to check it out herself or even call them. But she should definitely go toa d epartment store and get it authenticated if shes persistent with the refund.