Help - buyer returns "SNAD" item reeking of perfume!

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  1. I posted about this a few weeks ago...buyer received bracelet she says is defective and doesn't close, and while I didn't believe it was in that condition I agreed to refund her after she sent it back.

    Well, I received it today and the perfume smell absolutely overpowering. I tried the bracelet on myself to see if this issue she mentioned (clasp not staying shut) is true, and the clasp does appear to be a little loose but still stays on my wrist, unlike what she claims. Anyway, after scrubbing my wrist 3 times I still cannot get the smell off my skin, and I'm not about to douse this bracelet in tons of cleaning products to remove it. I am very sensitive to smell and there is no way that I could ever use this bracelet myself now, and I would not send it to another buyer with this powerful scent.

    What is the best way to handle this? Regarding fairness, my instinct is to tell her that she altered this item and it's now hers. Since she was unhappy with the clasp, I will have it fixed and send it back to her. Does that seem reasonable? Should I contact ebay and what could I expect from them?

  2. I think it would be more reasonable to douse it cleaning product and remove the smell than to continue a relationship with a buyer who seemed to look for a lame excuse to get out buying a perfectly nice bracelet. Maybe she just wanted to wear it for a special occassion-only, hence the perfume? Oh, I in no way, shape, or form condone this kind of behavior from a buyer if this what happened, btw! And I feel for you on the strongly-scented sensitivity times it can give me a migraine all day!
  3. Thanks for your advice. I'm worried about using cleaning products because it might tarnish or change the finish of the bracelet (it is silver-plated and agate, polished). Word can't even capture how overpowering the smell is - I've now washed my hands 5 times and it's still very noticeable on my skin. Seriously, who uses this much of a personal scent when wearing something that they aren't sure about? Your theory on a special-night use may be very valid.
  4. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do with the buyer. She wore it and lied. Did you process the refund yet?
    If not, I would wait to make her sweat but be aware she could leave nasty feedback. Sorry.
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    I didn't refund or leave feedback yet and will be sure to drag this out. Is there any basis for me to refuse the return given the condition in which it was returned? This is infuriating.
  6. Also I know she could leave nasty feedback, but at the same time things like this make me want to be done with ebay so it doesn't really matter.
  7. You could argue that the clasp was not broken when you mailed the bracelet. But honestly, you will lose this battle and to me it is not worth the time or headache. Are you going to go thru the trouble of re-mailing the item? And worry about her saying it never came, the box was empty and on and on.
    Plus if she is very determined she can still do a charge back with her cc.
    While, I understand your frustration, if I were you I would take back the bracelet and move on.
    It is the least painful transaction for you.:smile:
  8. I hear you - thanks for your insight. I have many other stressors right now and I can't let myself get tangled up in this. Any suggestions for an appropriate message that at least makes it clear that her treatment of the bracelet (and the overall transaction) was reprehensible?
  9. I would sleep on it and actually not leave feedback. Getting in this type of contest will only create stress for you. This type of buyer is the reason why selling on Ebay is so damn stressful nowadays.
    Why not go to Nordstroms if one is not sure?
    I would use baking soda to absorb the smell and either keep the item or re-list.
    Do not forget to get your fees back.:smile:
  10. I would not dignify this with an answer only because she can leave you negative

    After all of this is resolved, getting your fees back & giving her a refund & should
    she leave you feedback, then I would give her a piece of my mind...but not until
    this is all finished... (once she leaves you feedback you can e-mail but until she
    does leave well enough alone)
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    Quick update - I wrote to tell her my surprise about the scent and to ask why it arrived in this condition. I tried to sound stern but not nasty. Not sure what she'll say but I had to say it.

    I am not joking that I have washed my wrist *at least* 15 times and the scent still lingers and even gets stronger at times. I seriously can't fathom how someone could wear so much (bad) perfume.
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    Her response to my inquiry. Whatever. I will process her return but I felt the need to say this. There is *no* way this scent came from simply trying it on once.

    I also was astounded by your reaction and comment. I wear perfume, but did not apply it that day since I only do so when I occasionally go out. Since the bracelet was not closing fully after several attempts to see if I somehow didn't know how to close the catch, I simply put it back into the box and contacted you by email. Perhaps some of my fragrance from the previous day was still on my wrist, but it was minimal and the bracelet was against my dry wrist for a short time. But it would have been a lot dissipated from the prior day or two. I wear Victor & Rolf Flower Bomb, which is very floral. After I put it on, I don't notice it unless I smell my wrist. I'm sorry that it was offensive, but I was also not expecting to have to return it because of the loose stone and the catch not securing the bracelet properly. I don't know what else to say. I can't imagine how dry skin could transfer a heavy dose of fragrance after only a few minutes - enough to drastically bother someone with extreme allergies
  13. Meh, not buying her story. She is just like me:P
    She wears perfume like a French H....r and does not even realize it.
    The real scenario, she splashed perfume on her wrist, put the bracelet on and then much later decided that she no longer wanted it:lol::rolleyes:
    She should not have give you such headache but people feel so entitled lately.
    Good for you for telling her off, you must feel better.
    So is life on Ebay, this day.
  14. I responded and told her that I'm simply reporting what I see, and that I have no reason to exaggerate because I do intend to refund her. I then sent a cancellation request and hopefully that will be it.
  15. I think the smell will dissipate--both from your wrist and the bracelet.