Help! Buyer retaliates and threatens for Paypal claim!

  1. Hey guys...I sold a bag on eBay and it was perfect, gift wrapped from Neimans and everything...I shipped it within hours by Fedex and I just received an email that they suspect the item has been used...blah blah blah...then they claimed the leather had a bad odor...then they claimed one of the pins attaching the leather to the frame was missing...all these false accusations when the bag was BRAND NEW, the pictures I used to show the bag show all the pins in tact, had the original tag attached, was fully authentic with the Neimans receipt to prove they say they are going to do a claim because they bought a broken bag!!! Im a honest seller and have never dealt with this before what do I do??? Will I be penalized???

    Im so scared that they might have tampered with the bag and claimed it to be broken due to buyer remorse...seeing as how her reasons for wanting a return kept changing and now shes threatening to report me to Paypal!!! Man Oh can I protect myself from retaliating buyers???

    Thanks for all your I have never had to deal with this kind of customer before...
  2. Ask her to send you some pictures...massage her ego until you see them to bide you some time. I would also message Live Chat and explain the situation and they will link you to the best dispute email. What's her feedback like?
  3. I am in exactly the same situation, sold a brand new LV scarf, when the buyer received it she said, like your buyer there were faults with *********which was a definite lie and I have photos to prove this. I tried to reason with her, but all she was interested in was her money back. It was a very clear case of buyers remorse, well I was not going to give her the money back, like you I was worried that she had damaged the scarf herself. Well the ***** has escalated it straight to a paypal claim, I have replied with my side of the story, but they have not even asked me for photos of the scarf before SHE got her hands on it. So make sure you have a really good response to paypal and ring them and get to speak to someone in resolutions department, hopefully you will get someone who is helpful. There really is not much you can do except wait and see what she does. Do not give her the money back, that is what these people do all the time and the more they get away with it, the more they will rip people off.:tdown:

    Best of luck
  4. See if the buyer bought another bag around the same time. maybe she is complaining about another bag from another seller...
  5. Unfortunately there is a lot of people like this. If you are a frequent seller with many happy buyers I wouldn't worry about it - even if she leaves bad feedback it will soon be replaced and overshadowed by good feedback.

    If it does get reported to PayPal just fight your case. If you lose then don't worry about it - you just have to give the money back - it only becomes an issue if you get a lot of lost claims on PayPal.
  6. That sucks! Buyers have been making me crazy on eBay the past couple of months. I got my first negative feedback because a buyer said there was a gouge on the front of the bag, didn't contact me, just left a neg. I have pictures to prove there wasn't a gauge, I was livid. I asked her to send pics to see if it happened during shipping and she said it wasn't worth her time. She declined a return as well.

    What's the world coming to?!
  7. I would ask for pictures, and compare them to the pictures that you have (hopefully you have some good ones that will show her claims as false). I would also do live chat with ebay, then you can have them email you the transcript so that you have proof of that conversation as well. Stay firm on this...if you sent her a perfect bag, and she is claiming all this damgae, sho most likely damaged it herself in which case you should definitely not be obligated to refund her!
  8. Thanks guys for all your help! Ill do the live chat thing to get the emails sent...she just escalated to a claim automatically today..oh the nerve of ebay buyers lately....arghh
  9. I had the same thing happen to me and I made a thread about it. The good news is she didn't know to go through paypal to file a claim. I knew it was buyers remorse because that purse was brand new with tags attached and i had all the pics to verify. there was absolutely no way it was damaged through mail. She sent nasty emails to me and even went so far as to put a message on myspace and send me the link. What a dumb buyer. She left a neg which i in turn retailated and she was absolutely livid I had the nerve to that. It left her standing with a 50% rating. hehe.
  10. Paypal hasnt asked me for any photos or anything either...and they keep putting me on HOLD...aaahhhh omg any ideas where I should go from here??
  11. Quick addition - Just to make sure that you are covered as much as is reasonable.

    When you post a pic in the auction, try to use a setting on your digi-cam that date stamps it. Hopefully you did this (unintentionally?) when you posted the pics.

    It will go a long way, I imagine, when you have date stamped pictures that show the brand new condition. Her pictures, after the fact, will more than likely look suspect!

    *Good Luck!*
  12. Princess_2_Envy's suggestion I would say is the best in order to get paypal on your side. Perhaps if it is still on your digicam you can get the date on there or something?? Then it would be definite that those pictures were taken right before you listed the bag.

    I had a person who did that to me, claiming it was used and not new like i said.. she even had the nerves to say the tag didn't come attached when clearly in the pictures it was s hown that it was. She didn't give me a warning or anything via ebay messaging.. she just put it right through the paypal claim.

    I normally don't come across such ebayers. but since you were being honest with her.. ther eis no way she could win. Paypal will review your case if she files it and escalates it to a claim.. check her feedback and such.. tell her to take very detailed photographs as well.

    Goodluck! I hate dealing with people like that.. why do they even try.. ugh.
  13. Thanks guys...I spoke with both ebay on live chat and someone on paypal and they said I should just submit as much evidence as I can...ill let you guys know how it goes..does anyone know how long this will take?
  14. Took me 6 months to settle!
  15. OMG 6 months??? oh Lord how am I going to deal with this!! Sigh...I guess I cant hope for always pleasant experiences on Ebay...