Help! Buyer issue with payment terms???

  1. My auction ended Friday night. I requested payment (stated in description) within 24 hours of close. I had not heard from buyer so I emailed her last night, asking to let me know when she would be sending payment. She replied that she has 7 days for payment and that we can mutually withdraw from the contract if I was not okay with it. She also said that she was waiting for my other auction to end before sending payment (which makes sense but she gave no heads up about that before). However, I checked her feedback and someone else just left her a negative for not sending payment within the 3 days as listed in auction. She left retaliatory feedback stating that buyer required payment within 3 days when eBay says she has 7 days. Who is right?

    In my case, I feel that she is trying to get out of buying the item. I asked her to let me know if she wasn't planning on buying it but that I hoped it all worked out. I am MORE than happy to wait the 7 days to file an unpaid item dispute and leave her a negative if that is the case. I've left only two negatives in my 9 years on eBay and don't like to do it, but I hate shady people!!
  2. :tdown: Trouble buyers. The worst part is that eBay do says that she have 7 days for payment BUT you did asked for them to complete the sale right away so she was also aware that you requested it. Just avoid confrontation and give her the 7 days but once they past file an NPB as soon as available. Good Luck!
  3. She has 7 days to pay regardless of what you put in your listing. I know it's frustrating, but it really doesn't matter what you put in your listing. She sounds like she is already a real PITA. Good luck with her!
  4. Thanks guys. She actually sent me the payment about an hour ago so I hope that's the end of it. Thanks for the clarification on the payment terms. :smile:
  5. Sorry you meet trouble maker :s let her pay within 7 days coz you'll be able to file NPB after 7 days so if she doesn't make payment after 7 days, she's no reason to leave you - feedback say that you required 24 h payment.
  6. Oh, glad to hear that :tup:
  7. You probably lost the sale on the other item though.
  8. Glad she paid!:yahoo:
  9. I won an auction last week, and when it ended seller wanted payment right then, well I was asleep(auctionsniper bid for me) and woke up to an angry seller demanding payment on an item that I had only 6 hours prior. I had to laugh I did pay right away I always do, but according to ebay I have 7 days.

    Good luck, you may have lost a sale on your other item though. Glad you got paid
  10. ebay may say 7 days, but if my auction says payment within 2 days, and you can't abide by that, don't bid!
  11. If you are selling on ebay, you have to agree to their terms and you CAN'T require payment in 2 Days. You can say it in your auction, but you can't enforce it and if you leave negative feedback because of it, you will look like a jerk to anyone who know ebay rules. Most people pay faster because they want the item as soon as possible, but they really do have 7 days according to e-bay and once you put your item up for sale on e-bay, you have agreed to those terms just as surely as you have signed a contract. If you make a big fuss about it, the buyer can legitimately state in their feedback that you don't follow ebay's rules.
  12. ^^I guess what I was trying to say was "then please don't bid on my auction". It hasn't really been a problem as most people do want their item ASAP.
    I'm not saying I won't make an exception as long as the buyer contacts me, but at least get back to me if I send an invoice and you are not going to pay right away.
  13. Oh, I always ask for payment in two days, too, so I know where you are coming from - but I know that legally I have to give them 7 days and be gracious about it if they bring up the rules. Generally, I've found that buyers who bring it up tend to be very savvy e-bayers, and I don't want to mess with them.
  14. Great that it all worked out with the payment, hopefully the rest of the transaction will go smoothly.

    I always put in my disclaimer "Payment is appreciated within 3 days of auction end", and I have had pretty good luck with that wording.
  15. everyone is right, according to ebay the buyer has 7 days no matter what the action states. I think it's common courtesy to follow the deadline stated in the auction, though, but you can't really do anything about it as long as the buyer pays within 7 days as stated by ebay.

    With that being said, I used to be a seller (not anymore, though, canceled my account years ago, and it wasn't on ebay but on a local site since I'm in Europe) and I found that the percentage of non-paying bidders was reduced rather dramatically after I put a 3 day deadline for payment in my auctions, although the site stated that it was 7 days. I guess when people know they have a week to pay, they often decide there's no hurry and that they'll "do it later" and by the end of the week, they're no longer feeling as excited about the item or have simply forgotten, and that causes a lot of non payment. When you ask for payment right away, most will think they have to in order to avoid negative feedback, which, at least for me, caused fewer non-paying bidders.