HELP: Buyer is trying to scam??


Please see the 'flaw' on pics she sent me, is it really my wallet??

  1. NO! It's her used wallet & she's trying to swap her used & poor wallet w/mine

  2. Yes, it's my wallet

  3. Got damage/flaw in shipment??

  4. Let me know what do you think about these pics

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  1. Hi, my friend is a LV collector and sometimes she sells her LV, I usually consign & 'donate' my LV to her for sell, too. All the transactions with buyers are hassle free but unfortunately last week we got buyer who bought LV Vernis Silver Porte-Tresor International Wallet. We deal around $225 but when money arrive into our account, we only get around $200, I mean she reduced $25 from our deal price :throwup:

    We really unhappy with this situation and we told her, she said that she charge the bank fees to her payment for us. OK, it's no prob for us as we prior our buyers than a little amount of money so we kept ship her LV with EMS ( 3 days + tracking number ).

    We took pics of this wallet on January, 17 2007 and she BIN on January, 19 2007. Before she BIN it, she asked to rate that wallet but we unusual to rate 1-10, we familiar with 'nearly new, excellent, good, etc' sign only so we sent her all the pics of this wallet.

    She told us the wallet so great and like new then January, 29 ( yesterday ) she emailed us that she's recieved that wallet but complain there's discoloration & cracked. She even send us some pics but all those pics TOTALLY not significant with our pics!

    First, she asked us that she's not LV person then after complaint, she asked us that she's work at LV for 3 years :confused1:

    We just thought that she swap her used wallet with our wallet :shrugs: Please help us with re-check those pics I provide. I really want to know that's our wallet or not COZ it's totally non-sense that our wallet can changing the color within 12 days only!! While we never used it after we took pics even my friend only used it for 2-3 times as Vernis PTI not her style.
    SSL10367.JPG SSL10372.JPG SSL10369.JPG SSL10370.JPG SSL10371.JPG
  2. These pics of her 'wallet' that she told she get from us.

    Unfortunately, we have took pic of date code but the pic blur and we never thought will encounter such this thing so we didn't take more pic with clearly date code. Now, we don't know the date code so if she swap with her used & poor wallet, we won't know that's our wallet or not :sad: except she send it to us...

    Otherwise, we refuse to refund as she complain and the pics she sent us really not identically with our pics
    DSC00071-1.JPG DSC00072-1.JPG DSC00073-1.JPG DSC00074-1.JPG
  3. I give more pics to compare between mine & her wallet

    For additional information, since first time, this buyer has had bad faith with reduce our money around $25 :sad:

    If she want to refund, we'll OK to receive back our wallet because to be honestly, our wallet is excellent and we still can resell it even in higher price BUT if she want to refund then send us this poor wallet, what we've to do?? This is not our wallet & we can't resell this poor wallet...

    So should I ask her if she's swap her used wallet with our wallet?
    SSL10372.JPG silver wallet 1.jpg silver wallet 2.jpg
  4. I'd tell her to return the wallet for a refund (which you can tell her that you will only give her, if it is found to be the same wallet, in the same condition that it was received) and then, if she sends back a different one, take pics of it yourselves and contact eBay. :yes:

    At the end of the day, without an irremovable tag/hidden distinguishing mark, it's your word against hers, I'm afraid. :sad:
  5. Just had a look at the pics. Are you sure that yours had no discolouration and/or cracking? As it kind of looks like the edges are a little brown and there appears to be a small crack on the bottom left corner (in the same place as her pic, although, less severe looking).

    Of course, this may be a coincidence, or maybe a small crack could have worsened during shipping...?
  6. :yes::yes: I pretty sure about it as we won't sell discolor wallet ( :yucky: we all know how yucky Vernis Silver with discoloration, it turns with yellowish, I ever saw that kind on eBay)

    What do you think about the cracked?? I think she mean peel-off? There's no peel-off on our wallet especially on the surface like her pics.
  7. What is the date that buyer received the wallet (based on the online tracking info)?

    Maybe you can ask buyer for more pictures of the whole wallet, not just the corners. So, you can have a better look at the inside etc. Eg. if the card slots are looser, or coin compartment dirtier etc, then it may not be your wallet like you suspected. Also, see if it's also a Made in France, etc, all the other small details. hopefully this helps. If it really is your wallet, then give her a refund.
  8. She also sent you really blurry might not be your wallet. Tell her to send more clear pics!
  9. beautiful wallet, wish I could have bought it :p

    It could be the same, or it could not. Have her send it back and you'll refund upon inspection of your "sellers mark" (even if you don't have one). Check to see if the date code is the same.
  10. im sure you know the datecode of your wallet.... know what i mean...;)

  11. Good thinking. :yes:

  12. Doesn't she just mean cracked? :shrugs:

    If she'd meant peeled off, wouldn't she have said so?

    Were there any small cracks on your wallet, before you sent it?
  13. She said cracked but from the pics I notice that's peel-off, the vernis trim on edge to leather on the body got peel-off. That's the point, I really realize that no peel-off on my wallet and to rest assure, we've re-checked pic ( especially the back of wallet ) no peel-off and discolor there...
  14. :p we sold it around $225 incl. shipping then we realized that the similiar selling on eBay start from $299 :crybaby:
  15. Sure, we'll refund her complete with shipping cost even pay her shipping cost to us and her bank fees if it's really our mistake to miss mention the discoloration and cracked BUT we can't do it as we've compared with the pics that we took on Jan, 17 ( it has passed 12 days from she received the item and complaint us ) and the pics look different. We can't notice that yellowish on our pics but find that yellowish in her pics!

    Otherwise, we found some peel-off on the edges-trim and body in her pics BUT can't find the similiar flaw on our pics ( please see pic "back of wallet" it obvious no discolor and crack ).