HELP! Buyer is fishing for something! Buyer's Remorse?

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  1. So I sold a bag on ebay and once the buyer receives the item she sends me a message saying that the bag smelled so I appologized and offered her some remedies such as (baking soda in a bowl in the bag and dryer sheet). This bag is a LE item and in MINT condition, used a few times then stored. I check today and I get a email in ALL CAPS saying that she has been doing research online and searching and she said that the fakes came with the same tags as the real ones. then she goes authentic or double my money back huh (thats the part that worries me - I do NOT carry fakes :tdown:) Then in her next message she says that she is bringing the bag to LV to get it looked at. So I send her a message back saying that most SA's are not authorized to authenticate and there is high turn. I directed her here and

    I am worried what should I do to protect myself? I am worried of a bait and switch situation? :crybaby:
  2. I am so very sorry, OP. Hopefully she will agreed to have TPF to take a look of the auction for proof of the authenticity.
    Lately there were Buyers that claim (lie) anything to get partial refund (and keep the bag).
  3. Honestly, I'd just email her back and ask her to please return the bag for a full refund.
    First you get a message one day that it is smelly, then a message the next day that it is fake. What next??
    One more negative word out of her and I'd nicely say that it appears that she is not happy w/ her purchase, so please do ship the bag back w/in the next 3 days for full refund.
    These type buyers are just not worth all the hassle.
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    :s I think you are right meandmylouis! I am hoping that she will use the forum, everyone is so helpful! I also think that would be a good choice since many pfers use her and many ebay sellers too! I have never used her but I have just email her my auction asking to authenticate for me so that I will have something in case she goes to ebay which she also threatened!

    I thought about recommending but I have heard lots of negative feedback about them lately so I decided against it. anything else? :shrugs:
  5. Thanks ellie mae for you answer!

    I was thinking about it but its also a international sale so I would have to absorb the custom and duty fees on the purchase which would qute a bit! I am also worried that she would send me a fake bag in place of my real one! As, I mentioned in the post above...I contacted carol for you think that this is enough? I posted lots of pictures in my auction so that she could authenticate it. Also I checked her fb and she has purchase high end designer bags before so she should know a thing or two about them. The two auctions that he won were real but one was much lower in price than the she clearly buys designer bags. I just don't get it?
  6. Are you saying that the buyer might expect you to reimburse her for what she paid in customs & duty? Or what you might be charged on the return?
    Perhaps an email of authentication from Carol will appease her, who knows? Likely depends upon what she's really fishing for....?? Time will tell, as I'm sure that you will hear from her again.
  7. Wait, OP if you were my seller I would not be happy with your response regarding an odor. WHAT? You told her to put a bowl of baking soda inside a bag? You offered remedies? That is unsatisfactory.

    If I received a bag with an odor and the seller told me that I would be quite irritated by it. I would have informed you of the the correct pricing for a bag with an odor and asked you to adjust your sale price and issue me a refund for the difference.

    I am sure she is bringing up the authenticity issue because you have irritated her with your response regarding the stink.
  8. Would you mind sharing the style of LV that you sold. If it were a Vernis bag, often time the vernis has an odor and especially a strong odor if it has been in storage. Is that the case?
  9. Thanks ellie mae,

    I am worried about the costs of the customs and duties that I will have to pay because it was an expensive bag
  10. When I sold the bag there was no odor as I mentioned the bag was in mint condition and stored in its dustbag and box. So I appologized acknledging that it may be possible and a possible solution. I usually get a few people to check my bags before I ship just to avoid this problem. I have never had a problem with this before
  11. I think that you completely missed the OP's point. She stated that the bag was smell-free and that it was mint when she sold it. She also made it clear that the buyer is blatantly fishing for something, as she mentioned the odour of the bag one day, and then the authenticity issue the next. This buyer is obviously up to something, it isn't hard to tell.

    OP, I would not accept the bag back if you are 100% confident in the condition of the bag as well as your description. The bait and switch is far too common these days, and you may wind up with a counterfeit bag in place of your authentic one, especially seeing as the buyer is out of the country. Not to mention, why should you have to absorb the cost of shipping? Again, if you are completely confident that you were 100% honest in your description, I would say to just try to work with the buyer regarding keeping the bag. Something just does not seem right here to me...
  12. Not knowing what country you are in... in some countries if you can prove that the item originated from you and is being returned by the person you sent it to, no customs fees are charged to you for a return.
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    Not to split hairs but the OP posted that regarding the smell " may be possible... "

    Knowing a bag has been should always sniff, sniff and sniff some more when listing and note any smells in your listing. Smell is a huge turnoff when receiving a second hand bag. And if there is a musty odor simply from having a bag in storage--definately air it out for a few weeks prior to selling it.

    I stand by my post. The smell irritated this buyer and then when the seller offered baking escalated her irritation.
  14. Please see the OP's post above yours which I have quoted.

    I do not believe the point here is the smell of the bag; I believe what the OP is concerned about is the fact that the buyer is clearly acting fishy and honestly I wouldn't be comfortable with this situation, either. All you are addressing is the fact that the OP was wrong in offering the baking soda remedy. What about the buyer's sudden concern with authenticity?????
  15. Okay, so now that she is do we calm this situation down.

    I would say careful and pleasant email correspondence. I would readdress the smell thing and then focus on the authenticity issue which I think will be a non-issue once she is satisfied with resolution to the smell.
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