HELP! Buyer filed paypal dispute on $1k bag saying "wrong colour"

  1. I recently sold a vintage off-white or cream-coloured Chanel bag on eBay and under the drop-down menu for colour I put "ivory, bone" which were the closest option for off-white colour.

    I charged the buyer $60 for shipping even though I paid $75 and was very prompt to deliver the bag - she said she wanted it within 7 days so I paid extra to guarantee quicker international delivery.

    Let me mention that on the day she paid me (which means she hasn't held my bag yet obviously) she mentions that if I have that bag in black, please let her know as it was the one she originally wanted but couldn't find.

    Now that she has received it she says it is more of "mustard yellow not ivory/bone" and she has filed a chargeback and my funds are on hold. I feel it is INDISPUTABLY CREAM OR OFF-WHITE which is nothing like yellow!

    What are my chances of winning this and how should I go about it?!?! I'M VERY UPSET NOW and I've been constantly emailing her but not communicating via paypal - does it matter?

    Please dispense any advice and anything at all... It'll really comfort me.

  2. I smelled buyer remorse here. The chargeback was filed via cc or PP? If the dispute was filed via PP, you need to make all your responses via PP. If it is filed via cc, she needs to return the bag in order to receive her refund. Have you heard anything from the 3rd party, such as PP or her credit card company about this dispute?
  3. ITA with the above. Make sure you respond to paypal. Is she responding to you at all? It more than likely is buyer's remorse. Hope it gets settled in your favour.
  4. Nothing yet from either PP or her CC... I just escalated the dispute to a claim in impatience. I felt it was ludicrous. I hope I did the right thing. Thanks for every input... lovemyangels and PinkSuadeSoho. I'm going out of my mind, heh. How long does Paypal take to resolve this?

    Anyway I already submitted a response to Paypal and I am just going to sleep on this now. zzz
  5. Communicate through PayPal or they'll decide the dispute in her favor for lack of response. They will coach you through the entire process.

    Since stablishing the Chanel's color will prove the determining factor in this case, be prepared to submit as many pics as possible when asked.

    Final disposition may take three or four weeks, but hang in there: in the end you'll win. :yes:
  6. hi,
    i recently bought a balenciaga bag from an eBay POWER seller n he/she forever never reply my messages neither before n after the bid .The item only up for auction for one day( buy it now item ), since she is the power seller thus i bid it without any doubt n paid the item with paypal immediately i won the item..i waited again..still i never hear from her with regard any shipping info n etc..i finally filed the dispute on eBay. n both parties mutually agreed not to sell or buy the item..Althought my paypal a/c profile stated payment "refunded" via cc on 9/7/07 but until today 13/7/07 still no payment receive nor any record for the refund on my credit card...really upset..anyone can advice..shall i wait little longer (how long?) or file the dispute again with paypal thanks
  7. If you paid it with CC via PayPal, the refund would directly go back to your credit card. It has been 5 days. Your credit card company should have the record of this refund transaction. Since your PayPl a/c stated payment refunded, you should be fine.
  8. oh dear, not sure if your escalating it to a claim was the right thing to do, since you'd communicated with the buyer via email instead of through Paypal. The Paypal officer wouldn't be privy to all your communications, and may not make the right decision. Refer Paypal to your auction pics (I hope you'd taken good pics) to show the off-white color that it is, and not yellow as the buyer is claiming. Good luck!
  9. So sorry to hear about your trouble with the buyer, I absolutely hate when buyers do this because they have buyers remorse or just hit the buy now button without thinking, I hope paypal sides with you I find they usually side with the buyers believe me I have experience with this issue, good luck.
  10. i think once you escalate the claim, paypal 's advice is to not have any communication w/ the other party.
    thats what happened to me when a seller become NARU"D after receiving my money so i filed a claim and escalate it...well its good thing that i follow my instinct to file claim... the seller did not really ship the item.

    have you try calling to paypal?? i think this is a buyer's remorse issue not the color.

    hope you'll get your money back.