Help! Buyer complaining about shipping fee..

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  1. #1 Oct 15, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 15, 2010
    I listed a bag on Bonz last week and I accepted a buyer's offer. My listing clearly stated my shipping policy (priority mail, signature conf., insurance, etc) and since the bag was pretty big, I'd need the large box and according to the USPS website, the bag would end up being over $20 to ship.
    In my listing I had the shipping fee at $25. The buyer mentioned trying to get a lower shipping fee so when I accepted the offer I took off $5 figuring I'd eat the extra money--- which I usually do anyway.
    So, after accepting her offer, I didn't hear anything for a day and a half. I emailed her and she started to complain about the shipping fee. I guess she didn't realize Bonz changed things and now sellers can add the shipping fee to the offer where before they couldn't--which I think is great considering how many times I accepted a low offer AND had to pay the entire shipping charge which ate into any "profit" (ha) I made.

    Anyway, I explained about the changes and referred her to the postal website, and also told her I only ship priority or express with insurance, etc for the safe arrival of the bag. Another day went by with no response. I finally emailed again asking if she was going to pay because otherwise I'd re-list it. Magically, she responded right away!

    She complained a little again about the shipping fee, how she only offered X amount but didn't want to be a non-paying bidder. Then she gave a story of a lot of "company" and she's too busy to pay until Sun night. Plus, she's selling something on the bay which she'll get paid for Sun. night. She ended her message saying she wouldn't mind if I re-listed it if I didn't want to wait for the payment.
    I don't mind waiting for the payment until Sun. but I almost feel like she either won't pay for the bag or will complain or "find something wrong with it" when she receives it. I'm more afraid of that instead (SNAD or whatever) and all the drama that goes along with it since she's already b*tching and moaning about the shipping.
    I put a "week to check out" for my item on bonz but I think it will still let me cancel the and re-list it.
    Sorry for the long post but what would you all do? (Besides offering free shipping!)
  2. Why not offer parcel post or UPS ground? Just tell her it could take up to 21 days to arrive.

    Or just let it stand. They don't do anything to NPB so you can relist it rather easily.
  3. She sounds like she might cause trouble. As you already stated you'd rather relist than go through any drama... Hence I would relist!! You will be able to sell it to someone nice ;)
  4. Ugh, I'd run from this buyer with the quickness! :wtf:
  5. I agree. If she's this much trouble before paying.... I say relist.
  6. I think my first instinct is to re-list it. Why do people want to nit-pick over $20?
  7. I'll second that! Look how much trouble she's been already and she hasn't even gotten the bag yet.

  8. Yes I agree, she is already sending out warning signs. Trust your instincts. I would rather relist and sell it to someone else.
  9. i would re-list as well. i really hate when people want to make a stink about a few bucks, things are not free in this world. shipping is expensive.
  10. I'm dealing with the same thing over 13 priority shipping.

    Since they haven't paid yet, and in my auction I ask to pay in 24 hrs, is it too soon for a NPB? And a second chance offer to the highest bidder?

    And did I mention after they won they initially won because they had their friend shill the auction until it met the reserve; only to complain about the manner in which I ship...


    Relist if you can! Thats what I think I'm going to end up doing..
  11. Totally ridiculous buyer IMO. The shippng I charge is always in accordance with USPS rates. If a buyer thinks my shipping is too high, they shouldn't bid or buy my item in the first place or ask me if i'd ship using a cheaper method, such as parcel post, etc. It's clearly stated in my listing how I ship & what's included. I always display the postage on the shipping label so the buyer can see exactly what was paid. IMO, silence is agreement. You're buying/bidding, then you agree to the terms listed. Sounds like a hassel waiting to happpen. I sincerely hope it all works out for you OP.
  12. Run. Fast. Relist
  13. I agree with the others. The buyer sounds like she could be real trouble, run as far and as fast as you can!
  14. I emailed the buyer again, letting her know in a nice way I was going to re-list the bag and to let me know if that was a problem. Sure enough, she emailed me back saying she didn't mind but didn't want any hard feelings. I think it was buyer's remorse and she wasted a little of my time but saved me the drama. I'm pretty sure she would have found some reason to dislike the bag even if it was totally brand new with tags!
  15. Glad it worked out OP.

    Buyer still hasn't responded to my email or my invoice.

    With the new ebay rules, I have to wait 7 days before I relist/second chance offer?