HELP! Buyer claims she didn't use BIN yet someone did?

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  1. I'm so confused - I had an item listed BIN and a buyer made an Best Offer which I accepted. I contacted her several times and heard nothing - checked her feedback and she has several NPB negative feedback. It was 7 days - heard nothing, no reply. I filed a NPB claim with ebay and NOW she sends me this:

    "I sincerely apologize for this mistake but I never bid on this item. I don't know how this happened, but I never purchased this."

    I tend to NOT believe her considering the feedback, but could someone have hacked her account and bid on behalf? I would have believed that MORE if she didn't make a Best Offer and just used BIN.

    I'm going to let the claim go forward obviously and get my final value fees back but I'm furious :sad: Now I have to relist and hope to sell again!!!!

    Darn fleabay....
  2. Sounds like she has bidders remorse to me! Plus, she has a history of not paying.

    I reckon that Ebay should ban users with 5 or more NPB claims. Its just too much hassle for people who are trying to sell their stuff when people bid and then dont bother to pay.

    Hope your problem gets sorted quickly:smile:
  3. exactly my thoughts - she has a history of it PLUS didn't respond until I filed the claim against her. Unreal...I'm so frustrated as I was counting on this $ to make another purchase. Maybe she'll pay up, most likely not - at least I'll get my final value fees back and relist the item.
  4. File NPB and give her strike if you feel she's trying to make herself release from obligation to pay your item by using that odd reason :yucky:
  5. She's full of it. Follow thru with your claim.sorry you're having to deal with this mess
  6. this sounds's possible, but not probable. I once signed into my ebay to find a $1700 mac laptop listed for sale under my name. so people do hack accounts.
  7. well I posted back thru ebay and said I'd let ebay handle the dispute and see what happens. Can ebay tell if someone hacked her account? What sends out a red flag to me is that I tried to contact her at least 4x with no reply - she only replied when I opened the dispute, and I had been contacting her the same way thru ebay every time...
  8. If you haven't already, copy all of the text from your listing and save it somewhere. If she tells Ebay her account was hacked they'll pull the whole listing for "security reasons" and you won't be able to relist, you'll have to start all over from scratch and it's such a pain to type everything back out. Sorry that happened to you!
  9. With her history, I wouldn't believe a word she says. Ebay will figure this one out and you'll get your fees back.
  10. I tend to think that her FB history is not in her favor here and I don't think that I would believe her. Definitely file a NPB.
  11. Also don't forget to block her from any future auctions. She may cause trouble - like to get revenge she'll bid again and not pay just to mess you over...There are some dangerously destructive cases out there on evilbay, believe me. Also see the best excuses on ebay thread. This could join that list -- "what?? someone used my account to make a best offer????" By far the best one is "I went blind after the auction and I am waiting for my braille computer to come in." :lol:
  12. She may stay logged in on her computer and maybe there is another family member doing the bidding. She is responsible for her account. I would follow through with the NPB.
  13. or she could believe that she didn't bid but didn't realize that a best offer is a legal binding contract if accepted by the seller?
  14. She is telling the truth or not, she is not going to pay. Getting back the final value fee is the most important thing. Normally, I don't leave neg. for non-paying bidders, I don't want retaliate feedback. Its not worth it. I have received two ebay notices saying my listings have been cancelled due to bidding activity that took place without the account owner's authorization. I guess Account being hacked is possible.