Help? Buy or not these boots?

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  1. the studs are a trend right now, from the past fall/winter and going into spring. i dont know if they are going to be in style next year but if they are really cheap and you like them a lot, why not get them to wear this spring?

  2. I like them except for the heel... it is too light for my taste - it would look better if it were black.
  3. ^agreed, I think the heel should be black. But hey, I say get them if you like them since they're cheap! :smile:
  4. i don't like these. i don't like the color of the heel or the style of it. the studs are cute for now..
  5. Hi! thanks for your help! Finally I didn't buy it. IRL they looked so cheap...
  6. I'm not a fan
  7. I am sorry but i am not a fan of them.