Help!!! Buy or not??? Exotic monster banner bag

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Should I buy this exotic monster banner bag??

  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. No

    6 vote(s)
  1. 573E264C-9C5C-435E-8E8A-4C3D77B8B03D.jpeg I saw this cute banner bag at the outlet, it’s a little bit under $1000. What do you guys think?? Should I get it? Is it too trendy or childish???
  2. It’s a definite no for me but I’m in my 50’s. Do you LOVE it?
  3. At this moment yes I love it. I think it’s cute, but I have a lot of handbags and I’m just worried if I buy it now I will regret my decision later. It’s not a classic piece and I think it has no resell value.
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  4. Is there something else on your want list you can put that money towards? Maybe think about that first but if you love it buy it. I would have to LOVE it at that price and have things on my want list that I’m willing to put off buying for this. Just food for thought.
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  5. Personally, I won't as it is too colorful and trendy for me. I prefer more conservative colors. But some people can rock it. And if this is your style and you can afford it, why not?
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  6. I kinda love it.
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  7. I’ve decided not to get it! I still have a lot on my wishlist and also I think all the exotic skins are too hard to take care. Thanks for all your help ladies!
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  8. Sorry, not for me.
  9. Glad you decided not to get it. It’s a definite no for me too...way too much going on
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