HELP: Burgundy or Black Coco Handle

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  1. Hi everyone,

    Would you pick black coco handle mini with normal handle or burgundy with the snakeskin?
    Both with brushed ghw

    I currently have 5 other black chanel
    Including a classic flap, small boy, medium vanity, gabby & rectangle mini
    a light pink small BA & a 18b rectangle mini

    Black is easiest to wear & most versatile but i already have so many black bags
    but i don’t know if the burgundy would look too mature? i’m in my early mid 20s

    Sorry it’s not letting me attach pictures for some reason
  2. 92D6A0F9-B5EB-4F25-BCE0-223B07798610.jpeg 527D1F77-D9BB-412A-A296-8B787D388A5D.jpeg
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  3. The exotic handle definitely makes the bag more special and gives it a whole different dimension; however, I do not think it’s noticeable on this color, so I would either choose a black one with the exotic handle or the black one with the plain handle.
  4. The black one gets my vote. So cute.
  5. I would go for the black. :smile: The burgundy is pretty, but not as versatile, as you pointed out. I am all for buying color, but I think you'll know the colored bag (meaning not black) for you when you see it. If you feel unsure about the burgundy color choice, then I think it's not the ONE. If you really are dying for a Coco in color, then don't get either, and wait for a new season's colors.
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  6. what colours have you gotten??
    I was just thinking i have 8 black bags in total including this

    I actually own the black one but i can pay not much more to pretty much swap with a friend that got the burgundy a few weeks back
    That’s why i’m considering
  7. They are both gorgeous. You can't go wrong. This is my favorite Chanel bag design, by far!
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  8. Burgundy! Be my twin! - from a happy owner. ;)
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  9. I don’t have any colored Cocos, but I have some other colored bags.
    -pink patent with pink tweed Boy
    -cornflower blue Boy with iridescent woven PVC
    -iridescent painted Boy in blues/purple
    -metallic turquoise Vanity Case

    I own quite a few colored Gucci bags; their colors would be bright cherry red, green, rainbow, hot pink

    -purple Balenciaga

    So, I definitely love color, but have lots of black and navy as well. All of my colored bags leapt out at me, and it was instant ! I think if the burgundy doesn’t make your heart sing, keep the black and wait until another colored bag calls your name.
  10. All my Chanel bags are black. I vote black, it goes with everything. Also I have this coco in black but in the size small and love it.
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  11. Black! Looks better with GHW in my opinion
  12. I was in your shoes a while ago. Same exact concerns over burgundy or black coco. But my DH insisted on burgundy and so did TPF poll.

    Well I’m so glad I listened to them! I hav so many black bags like you. I highly2 appreciate this Burgundy addition so much. It matches way easier. And even elevated some of my outfit! :biggrin:

    (Although i’m still hunting for a black mini coco too, but In rhw. But Burgundy is a must in ghw)
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  13. Enabling......
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    Omg really were you debating between the exact same combos? what were the poll results?

    hehehe any mod shots :biggrin:

    my Bf also said burgundy while everyone else was like black, then after i told them how many black bags i said some of them changed their choice to burgundy.

    Do you find burgundy hard to match at all?
  15. ;) any mod shots for more enabling ?