Help! Bumble Bee Bag?

  1. Hi,
    I'm new to here, but this seems like a great place to post. I have a friend who is getting ready to pay several hundred $ for a Coach Bumble Bee bag on eBay. I can't find anything about this line anywere, except from online auction sites.

    Is this line for real or just fake?
  2. ^^^it's real- and has been in outlets, so it makes sense that it's on eBay, but definitely post whatever auction your friend is looking at in the "authenticate me" thread in this subforum . . .
  3. It's a real line. I should know, I owned most of that line in one point in the past year. I got rid of the mini skinny. I just knew I wouldn't use it.
  4. They are half off at the outlet. They are still pretty expensive though.
  5. Spotted a small one (flap style) at TJ Maxx this week it was around $169. Didn't buy it. Too small for me.
  6. They were very popular last spring/summer and saw some at my outlet (very expensive)
  7. It is a great line.
  8. I have stuff from that line!

  9. Your minis are so cute!
  10. Thanks! They're just adorable! I haven't used them yet though. Didn't want to get them dirty. Hehe.
  11. Do you remember how much you paid for your minis ??
    LOVE them...
  12. yeah those minis are really adorable. i love the lilac one
  13. I *think* around $30. I got the lilac off a friend and the white one from the outlet.
  14. I have the baby bag...I love it!
  15. What is the line called? I'm looking into buying a small bumblee bag from it.. Approx how much are the bags in that line? (I found one for 30.00.. would that be reasonable?)