Help! Bumbag Question Please!!

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  1. 784D0EC2-6D86-4243-AEC2-88850007B287.jpeg DD32D931-BEFD-4088-A691-B8FEB635F9C0.jpeg I wanted to get the bum bag however I’m not sure about the vachetta or the world tour black leather strap. I’m worried about the vachetta possibly getting dirty, colour transfer and not looking so nice. Then there is the bumbag world tour option with the black strap. However if I did get the world tour I would have to get a sticker. I would get it on the back where you can’t see it. I am thinking though with time maybe the sticker may start to rub off since it will be in the back of the bag rubbing against my body. I’m just not sure if the world tour is worth to get with the difference in price. I am so unsure of which to get. I hope someone can chime in and help a girl out. Thank you
  2. I would probably get the mono not the world tour bumbag. If the vachetta gets dirty you can always clean it but if the sticker starts to peel or rub then there is no way to fix it and the world tour costs more.
  3. I‘m getting the MWT one with one sticker in the back. I will wear it crossbody and it will rub against softer clothes than a jeans, so I think this will be ok. The sticker are pretty durable these days. I‘ve seen an used Monogram one with Vachetta and it looked not nice. The black one is a saver choice, no worry about rain and it will look like new for years.
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  4. Having a few world tour bags, I agree that the stickers tend to stay on and feel like they will stay on for years to come. The potential of the sticker rubbing off wouldn’t bother me. (Paying the extra $400+ to have the black leather and stickers, does!)
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