Help!! Bulgari watch purchased in Italy


Nov 20, 2006
My hb bought me a new bulgari watch while we were traveling in italy last November. I noticed that my watch was acting up (dial not moving, always wrong time) after we left Italy. It finally gave up after 3 weeks of purchased. I couldn’t bring to any Bulgari store at the time as we were still traveling outside the country and thought that I would just wait until I get back home to the U.S. Last month, I finally had a chance to take it to Bulgari for warranty. Today, I got a call from Bulgari saying that the dial wasn’t working properly and they have to replace the whole dial mechanism. I feel cheated thinking we purchased a $15k defective watch when its supposed to be brand new. Bulgari customer service is not very helpful either. – Before I go back to the store. I’d like to get an advice. My question is what are my rights? I want a refund but I don’t know if they will allow it as I purchased it in Bulgari Italy not the U.S. - Or is it possible to get a brand new replacement? any advice will be greatly appreciated…
May 29, 2010
I am not familiar with Bvlgari's policy, but I know with Tiffany that any returns or exchanges has to be done in the country of purchase. I would assume that it similar.
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Nov 1, 2014
I would think if you purchased the watch in Italy, the refund would have to come from the store you purchased from in Italy. Are you being charged for the repair??
Apr 15, 2007
I'd call Bvlgari corporate & explain this is a brand new watch & there is a issue.
If push comes to shove, I'd also contact your cc & possibly dispute the charge if Bulgari doesn't step
up to the plate & offer service.
Plenty of clients travel & use Bvlgari here in the US to service/replace/repair their items.


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Feb 4, 2006
I assume you have the original papers from the watch. Find out who is providing the factory warranty service in the US. Call them on the phone and find out their procedure. You may have to make copies of the papers showing warranty info. You will need to bring it to them or send it in a sealed box. (you must seal all the seams of the box with tape) Many years ago, I had an issue after a few months with my Patek watch purchased in Norway. I had to send it to the corp office in NYC where it was repaired with no charge to me. I do recall sending copies of the original papers.


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Apr 13, 2013
Hello! I think that you should call the store and ask about any warranty that may have came with the watch. I do not have any experience with Bulgari watches, however my B.zero1 necklace came with a year of free repairs, which was covered by the warranty.