HELP!!! Bubblegum First would you still consider it in Mint Condition?

  1. So, I bought a bubblegum first on ebay last week. I thought I got a really good deal for it and loved the color. Now I am not so sure. It is one of my pet peeve's when a seller does not disclose all the flaws a bag has. The first thing I saw when I opened this bag from it's dustbag was a small black or blue mark on the back of the bag. It is small but noticeable. Upon further inspection I find 3 more on the back, two on the front and one on the handle. There is also wear on the buckle and the part where they glue the leather so to speak is coming off in two places one on the front and on the back. It also was dirty under one of sides where the strap connects to the bag and has some wear spots as well. The tassels are also coming apart.

    I know this is an 05 bag but I would not call it mint and I am ticked that the seller did. It also looks like the back of the bag is darker than the front and the color has shifted on parts of the bag. Parts of it are quite light like the color rubbed off.

    Would you consider this mint and what would you expect from the seller?

    I have attached pics.
    badpinkbag1.jpg badpinkbag2.jpg badpinkbag3.jpg badpinkbag7.jpg badpinkbag.jpg
  2. More pics.
    badpinkbag5.jpg badpinkbag6.jpg badpinkbag7.jpg bagpinkbag4.jpg
  3. Well if you aren't completely satisfied with it you should contact her and email her your pics. She should not have stated it was in mint condition if it wasn't...
  4. well these flaws wouldn't bother me, but only because I am a bit of a clutz and prefer my bags to be a little broken in. However, the seller should definitely mention them. Maybe you can contact her to give you a partial refund? Or do you want to return it altogether?
  5. Ooooh, pretty color!

    I understand that it's disappointing when the seller represents an item as perfection and it's not. She definitely should have disclosed everything, and let the buyer make an informed decision. One person's "mint" can be completely unacceptable to someone else.

    Realistically, an 05 bag is likely to show a little bit of wear, especially in a light color. My 05 bubblegum city has a tiny bit of dirt on the corners, and is coming unglued in 1 tiny spot too -- but it's almost invisible and it was disclosed to me up-front. I love her with her scars and everything. Some of the marks you showed in the photos are really tiny specks, and I personally wouldn't have a problem with them. But the if the color shift you described is obvious, that would bother me a lot. Everyone's got different criteria.

    I think the thing to ask yourself is, are you happy with the bag, considering the price you paid? How is the leather quality other than color? If you got a fabulous deal, you may feel OK about it, since bubblegum can be hard to find, especially if it's amazing leather. But if you paid near retail for it (or more) and you're not happy overall, you should probably contact the seller and see what she has to say. My feeling is, there's no point in paying close to $1000 for a bag, if you don't really love it.

    Edit: Could you post a pic of the whole bag so we can see the spots and color shift in perspective?
  6. I must say that most of the spots you highlighted are miniscule. I had brown spots larger than those on a new BI Twiggy from LVR, but they don't bother me at all. Overall, the wear on your bag is minimal for a used bag. I paid more than 50% over retail for an eggplant City with worse wear than that, but like I said, it doesn't bother me because a secondhand bag is a secondhad bag – I would not really consider the "flaws" you have shown flaws at all, but that is just me; to me, it's ONLY a handbag.
  7. The little black specs...if they look like little black pepper specs, it's a normal occurance with Bbags. I have some on my Magenta and one on my BI. I assume it happens in the dying process.
  8. It's not so much that there are flaws on the bag as I could live with them. I agree with all of you that they are really tiny. The tassels don't even bother me because I know they split.

    It is more that they are not disclosed. She states in her auction "THE HANDLES ARE CLEAN,THE CORNERS ARE IN AMAZING CONDITION, PERFECTLY CLEAN AND NEW" The only problem is this is not true as there is wear and the bag is not new. It's not so much that the flaws are tiny and there it is that she had to know they were there and chose to over look them. The one black dot you can clearly see on the bag as small as it is.

    "Comes with all tags and cards and mirror" was also stated and no tags or cards came with the bag either.

    Here are pics of the total bag. The color difference is not that bad except for one of the back things that attaches the handles is quite a bit pinker than the rest of the bag. The bag is lighter in person as well.

    BellaFiore Thanks for the info maybe that's what they are but the one looks like pen. It still doesn't explain the other wear she didn't disclose.

    I am most likely making too much out of this. I guess I am just a pain and picky.
  9. Shoot here are the pics.....
    pinkbagfront.jpg pinkbag.jpg pinkbagboth.jpg
  10. ^^ ditto, i don't think they're flaws at all :shrugs:
  11. ^ It's gorgeous!!! I love it :heart:
  12. Mint to me means no imperfections. Maybe slightly used but as close to perfect as you can get. The seller did not disclose the truth aboutthe condition of the bag. You need to contact her and ask for a partial refund maybe or return it because she did not disclose imperfections. Based on the year of the bag I wouldnt think it would be mint unless its been sitting in a box all this time. But what do I know. I 'm still new to this Bbag stuff. Still learning myself.
  13. Sorry to hear your "mint" bag wasn't very mint. This happened to me too recently with an ice blue clutch but the seller was very nice and allowed me to return it for full refund.

    Aside from the minor flaws here and there, it's so pretty! I really :heart: the color and hope it works out well for you!!
  14. here's the thing gals, nothing is perfect in this world, especially not a used handbag :girlsigh:...most of the marks on that bag are typical of b-bag leather (i've got brand new bags with marks like that)...i honestly don't see any flaws at all, but she didn't buy a brand new bag :shrugs:...she bought a used bag that was advertised as "mint" (which should mean almost brand new condition) & got a good deal...anyone who wants a pristine bag should spend the extra $$$ & buy a brand new bag directly from the store or from a seller who advertises BNWT attached (rant over) :angel:
  15. I dunno, the bag looks pretty good to me. My white '06 First (that I purchased new) has dark fly-specks similar to those on this bag, and I think they are inherent to the dying and related leather processing.
    It also seems pretty common that the color on these bags changes over time, especially the lighter colors, and personally I find that appealing. :flowers:

    It's hard to find 'impeccable' second-hand bags, and all things considered, I think you'll love it if you can relax your standard of perfection just a bit.
    The only thing that sucks totally is that the seller didn't include the tags, which do add to the provenance. I'd hit her/him up on that, definitely.