Help: Bubble Quilt Bowler - Which size?


Aug 3, 2008
Have managed to find a BQ bowler in black.:yahoo: Now the question is, which size should I go for?

When I tried put them on shoulders, I found the straps on both sizes are rather short. It feels a little better with the smaller size. The SA told me it is because the bag's size is smaller.

I am struggling...which size should I go for?:confused1:

Anyone who got a BQ bowler could help on the straps too?

Thanks and have a great day ;)


Feb 13, 2007
I have the BQ bowler,but am not sure if it is the smaller or larger size (it is 13 inches across if that helps). The straps have a drop of about 9 inches and I find the bag very comfortable to wear over the shoulder. I've had no problems so far.
The bag holds a lot so I can bring everything I need for everyday and still have a little room to spare.
I would suggest you get the one you are more comfortable with but make sure it's also big enough to hold everything you need.
Sep 2, 2007
yes, there are two size. The big size looks more like a travel bag. I think the smaller size is better as a daily handbag.


Aug 15, 2008
Hi I"m considering buying the Chanel Bubble Quilt Bowler in the Grey. I would like to know if the calfskin holds up to daily use without scratches. I have the caviar which wears well, but I'm concerned that the calfskin on this bag is too delicate.

Would love your feedback on how this wears? Francesca