Help! Bubble Quilt Bowler or Medium Flap??

  1. I am confused now...Don't know if I should get the Bubble Quilt Bowler and Medium Flap in Dark Beige. The bowler seems bulky if I put in on the shoulder since it supposed to carried as a tote bag. The Medium Flap is meant to be carried on the shoulder but it can be only carried in one way.
    However, the zipper style with the bowler seems to be more secured than the Flap which has the straw string.

    I like both the style and not sure which one to pick? Should I go for the bolwer or the Medium Flap?
    Thanks in advance!
  2. for everday: go with bowler.
  3. i'm crazy about flaps, so go with the flap
  4. I have the jumbo flap and the bubble quilt bowler. IMHO the medium flap is too small for an everyday bag (the jumbo is a perfect everyday bag size). The flap will always be around. The bubble quilt bowler is a beautiful, unique bag and may not be produced again. I love it! So I vote for the bowler now and the flap later.:yes:
  5. GET THE FLAP as the price increase affects flaps only (for now) anyway!!!
  6. HI! Clandy,

    Thanks for your do u have the jumbo flap with straw string which is about $3150? But will that be too bulky for the bolwer to be carried on the shoulder?
    Thanks again!!
  7. Sorry! I think I didn't make it clear..I mean Bubble Quilt Bowler or Bubble Quilt Medium Flap...sorry for the confusion....Anyway..I'm very confused what to pick....Thanks again
  8. how much are they?
  9. Bubble Quilt Bowler!! :smile:
  10. The Bubble Bowler is $2575. The Bubble Quilt Medium Flap is $2695
  11. I think the bubble quilt looks best in the bowler style.
  12. i vote the bowler, it's the cutest style in the bubble line imo, but i'm biased. look at my avatar! =)
  13. Get the bowler! I've got one, and love it, and it probably holds more than the Bubble Quilt Flap.
  14. Thanks all of you! seems like everyone like the Bubble in the bowler style..
    It's look great on you Msjenn!
    also Tammy518..I think u are right, the bowler probably holds more. u think that it's okay to put the bowler on the shoulder?

    Thanks again!
  15. I have the bowler not the flap. There are 3 sizes in the flap that I have seen. One is quite small. I did like the medium flap and the chain was a good length as a shoulder bag. I saw the large one ($3150) but did not try it on. I knew after trying the medium flap and the bowler on that I wanted the bowler.

    The one thing, besides the shape, that I liked about the bowler is that has a real bottom - a piece of unquilted leather with feet, which for daily use was a necessity for me. AND it holds a lot. The strap is definitely shorter than the flap - a minor drawback. So if you do not stuff it you can carry it on your shoulder comfortably. It could be a bit snug with a coat. But I love it and highly recommend it.