Help!!!! Bubble Quilt Bowler in Dark Brown

  1. Hi All,

    I have been searching for a Bubble Quilt Bowler in Dark Brown Color. Actually I have called and was told 1) Nordstrom - sold out 2) NM and Saks - they only have dark beige and light beige 3) Chanel boutique - I just called the south coast and they said it was sold out in all the Chanel boutique.

    Are they all gone? Does anyone have any ideas where I can find this? I'm desparately looking for this :s

    Thank you!
  2. hi mayho, i am actually looking for a BQ bowler in dark beige. could you give me the contact info in NM & Saks? thanks!
  3. Stephie, I have sent the PM to you already. Please check!
  4. Try the NM in Natick, 508-620-5700 ask for Mariana, I saw some brown Bubbles but I cannot remember the style.
  5. If anyone see or know where can i find the dark brown, would you please PM me?
  6. hi, may i know how much does bubble quilt bowler is selling at?
  7. Its selling at USD2575.
  8. thanks MYPL!