HELP!! brown or black?

  1. Hey girls! I recently acquired the Marc Jacobs key pouch to use as a wallet, but now I'm rethinking if I wanted a black. Then I got to thinking (see how dangerous my mind is to my wallet?) I should have one of each..:yes:

    SO should I exchange my whiskey MJ for the black and then get the brown skinny?

    Or keep the whiskey and go for the black?
    mj skinnny.jpg 40276_B4BR_d2.jpg 40276_SVBK_d2.jpg
  2. I would keep the whiskey and go for the black! They're two different styles which is more interesting IMO than the same style in 2 different colors.
  3. I would keep the whiskey and go for the black.
  4. I saw the coach yesterday. Keep the whiskey and go for the black. The brown wasn't my favorite with the silver c's.
  5. Keep the whiskey and go for the black. I'm getting that one myself :smile:
  6. ^^Really you didn't like the brown? Maybe it just looks good online then?
  7. i would exchange the whiskey and have one of each color...i'm not a fan of that mj color.

    or you can always go to LV and get a cles, ;).
  8. Or is it more purple then brown? I must really been craving something purple, because I think the suede is also plum LOL.
  9. Last one! It's so pretty!
  10. Okay I think I will keep the whiskey and go for the black, but the brown is just nagging me in the back of my mind. thanks all!
  11. I like the brown Coach better than the black.
  12. LOL should I just get both brown? I'm crazy about both!
  13. I like the brown one too. It has more going on.
  14. whiskey is so differnt. I like it.
  15. i like the brown:yes:
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