HELP! Brought my daisy key to Tiffany's for some polish and... :[


Dec 9, 2010
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Hi everyone!
This is my first time posting in this forum, so please let me know if I'm in the wrong place

Today my bf and I went to Tiffany's to get my daisy key polished because the spaces between the petals were starting to turn a little browny-yellow.
Other than the discolouration between the petals, everything else was fine.

When I got my key back my bf pointed out that the chain and the key looked kind of yellow, but I was in a rush to get to dinner on time so I just brushed off his remark, put on the necklace and we left.
When I got home I took it off and we examined it with my mom, and indeed the key and the chain seemed to be tinted a light yellow, and they didn't even clean the spaces between the petals properly as it was still browny-yellow. Then my mom pointed out another flaw, the beaded chain was bent!!

I am so disappointed with Tiffany right now!
I know it's my fault for not examining my necklace more carefully, but I trusted that Tiffany would be careful with their stuff!
My bf and I are going back to Tiffany tomorrow to see what we can do :[

What should I tell them? Please help :[

Here is a stock picture of my daisy key (I have the smaller version)

As you can see, the spaces between the petals are supposed to be silvery-white


Dec 7, 2012
Okay so, have you had this piece cleaned before? Firstly, Can the petals even return to the silvery white after wear or do they naturally stain? I'm not familiar with the material but that is something that you should consider. Secondly, do you happen to self tan? I know this is weird but if I wear any jewelry after self tanning, it stains the piece and takes several cleanings to return back to silver. Thirdly, regardless of the above, it shouldn't be yellow after leaving the store and that's all you need to tell them. I bought a Pandora bracelet and had cleaned it with all my charms and not even having it a week the lady accused me of bringing in an old bracelet because the cleaning process turned it the same rusty yellow. It could be a reaction to the cleaning solution and something on the skin that causes this but I have had the same issue. I don't know how long you have had this necklace but I'm sure if Tiffany cannot fix the problem they will gladly replace the necklace which is what they offered to do for my self-tanner stained somerset ring. Even old silver should not tinge yellow.


Mar 22, 2007
Go there right now, and ask them why its yellow now and why the chain is bent. The longer you wait the less responsibility they will accept.


Jan 21, 2011
It looks like they placed this in the tumbler, which is not the best way to clean this piece. I would go back and ask them to redo it. You should not have any issues.


Jan 4, 2013
Chicago, IL
Go back to the store, this is not acceptable! They are known for customer support. Ask them to clean it again then have them compare it with the same piece they sell in the store. They can not argue with you when there is proof in front of their eyes and especially when you remind them of their customer satisfaction policy. I would expect them to replace the key and necklace if they can not restore them to the original condition. It is disappointing to see they returned the pieces to you in such a poor condition.


Feb 19, 2012
I've gotten lots of my silver pieces cleaned and they look new and shiny afterwards every time! You should ask them about it. Hope it works out.


Sep 3, 2012
Wow. I would not expect them to return it to you in this condition. Definitely take it back to the store. That being said, this key is the most difficult piece of silver to clean. That "frosted" silver between the petals is impossible! I have to clean mine with silver polish and a toothbrush to restore the shine. I love the look when it's clean, but I won't buy more pieces like this due to the difficult cleaning process. Good luck!