HELP! Brothers account, Email Adress, Make Payments what to make of this?

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  1. Dear xxxxxxxxxxx,

    I really really really love thisbag, whats the lowest you would go to sell it. My high end budget is around $XXX, would you sell it for that? Please reply to XXXXXXXXXXX.COM as I am searcging this on my brothers account. Thanks

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]- XXXXXX[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]Dear xxxxx,

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE !!!! I can make payments somehow if thats possible. Email me back at I really want this purse. Thanks again

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]- XXXXX[/FONT]

    [FONT=arial, sans-serif]So this is what I woke up too this morning on my ebay account. This bag Is GORGEOUS so I get that she really wants it. What bothers me about this is the fact that she asks me twice to contact her through her email .Which I didnt do, and wont do. I get enough wierd emails now that Ive joined ebay.and I dont need any more! My question I guess is does this seem legitamite? Im a very laid back seller and give people a little more time to pay for my higher end bags. But these two back to back emails freaked me out! Would this concern you? Or am I just paranoid now because I read so many horror ebay stories?:confused1::confused1:[/FONT]
  2. Yes, I would be a little concerned...even if she is searching on her brother's ebay account, you can reply there and he can relay the message to her and she can just use the account again to contact you.

    I don't know what reason they have for asking you to contact them outside ebay...but I'm not saying they are being dishonest, but you just have to wonder why. As the victim of scams myself, I'd be careful communicating outside the site.
  3. This definitely sounds very fishy. I wouldn't respond her either.
  4. I'd definitely stick to only using eBay messages, since then there is a record right on eBay.
  5. I wrote her back on ebay. I figure if i never here anything back its because they wanted my email!:tdown:
  6. i would suggest that you tell her to use her own ebay account. her brother can say that someone hacked into his account, he doesnt have a sister, and file a dispute/claim.

    don't email her at the address she gave you. like the others said, stick with messaging on ebay since itll protect you just in case.
  7. you may not post your eBay ID, link to auction nor your auction # here.
  8. Hi Barmakian bags,
    it happened to me before... a buyer really WANT the item but she doesnot want to pay the price I put.. so she really didnot give up.Keep emailing me to sell her the item.
    Thus, I gave in and then we emailed back and forth (kinda negotiating) for the price and time she needs for payment completion. She told me she cannot pay within a week.
    I said OK since I am a very laid-back and flexible seller. Last, I set up a listing only for her (I specify it) and BIN and emailed her the listing#.
    ..overall.. IMHO you may want to keep emailing this buyer first and then set up a new eBay listing ONLY for this buyer...
  9. actually swanky mama of three, i just wanted to know what the bag was. not the ebay listing itself. i asked, by the way, what is the bag?
  10. The Bag Is a Fendi Magic Bag I put that but Swanky erased that as well.
  11. oh ok. oh that's a cuute bag. any word from that sister? i think if she can make payments, then she can just get a credit card with enough credit limit to purchase the bag herself and make payments to the credit card. it probably is cheaper on ebay but i dont suppose its by that much. its a risky transaction, overall. let us know what she replied back, if she even sent one
  12. She never wrote back. Which suprises me since she wanted the bag so badly. A month ago or so I kept getting a ton of messeges I would answer and later I would recieve another messege from the same ebay I.D saying there accounts had been hacked and too ignore the messeges. So maybe thats what happened again.
  13. how odd - i would NEVER do it off ebay as you have no leg to stand on if anything bad happens!