Jimmy Choo Help: Broken Hardware. Ouch!


Dec 8, 2007
Hello dear JC Ladies! :biggrin: So here's my scoop:

I bought a JC purse, I forgot the style name, but it's very similar to the Alex. If the Alex has two straps, this one has one. Anyway... so I gave it to my mom as a Mother's Day present. She travelled half-way across the world, only to find out that when she got to her destination, the strap had broken. The hardware connecting the strap to the bag had let go. The screw got loose, so you get the visual. She said she was so eager to show it to her friends, but as she was walking she felt it was off-balanced. Then there, the entire bag was dangling. :shocked::faint:

How do I get this fixed? I have the bag back here in the US. I have the receipt and I ordered it over the phone from a FL store. Help pls! :thinking:


BV ~ Ferragamo ~ TODs
Aug 17, 2007
Hi Abi - Take some pictures and call the Florida store so you can arrange to email them pictures. If it is just a screw, they can order the part for you, without having to send the bag in. If it is more serious, then they can give you an estimation of what would be involved with repair.


Jimmy Choo lover
Jul 2, 2007
^^Yes...and I never did get it fixed! It is on my Ring. That's why I am curious. Didn't lionlaw have it on one of hers, too? I love my Ring, too. I keep forgetting because you can still carry it, then whop...it slides down your arm and is undone.


May 4, 2009
had the same problem with my Alex, just took it into the store, you do have to take the bag in, they sent it away and 3 weeks later called and I picked the bag up. They said they had to send it to Italy to get the ring as they do not stock the parts for the bags.There was no fee, it was done free of charge. But I am in the UK...