HELP! Broken Alhambra Necklace!

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  1. Yesterday while getting my necklace out of the box, I accidentally dropped it. Upon inspection, I noticed that it there is a crack right through the middle of the pendant!!!! I am totally freaking out and I don't know how I can fix this situation. Does my insurance cover fixing cost at VCA? How much would the repairing cost? I assume it will be quite expensive as the whole pendant would have to be replaced? I got this as a birthday gift from my mother and I am absolutely heartbroken. Has anyone been in the same situation? Please help, I don't know what to do. This is my model: I will try to post a picture of the crack as soon as I get home.
  2. Oh no! My heart goes out to you! don't panic. Bring it back to the boutique. If you are too far from one, call the nearest boutique. The SAs are usually extremely helpful. I am sure VCA can replace malachite quite easily. But you are right; there would be some cost involved. I had never replaced a motif yet but I was quoted US$200 to replace a mother of pearl motif (vintage size). Hope that helps.
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  3. Stardust Andromeda gave you great advice. The motif is surprisingly cheap to replace and it may even be covered if your purchase was recent enough.
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  4. Did you replace your motif because it fell out? Broke?
  5. I didn't replace my motif because it fell out and broke - I just wanted a motif with a more appealing iridescence since I was not given any to choose from when I bought my pendant. And then there are some motifs which are simply old. But in the end, I did not go through with any of the replacements because of the time involved and also there is no assurance that I will get what I love (which will really bug me).
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  6. I hear you loud and clear. This is why it takes me so long to choose and buy. I want every stone to be right (at least to my eye) and then match similar accessories -MOP to MOP-carnelian to carnelian, necklace to earrings. I’m not OCD but certainly want to be pleased at my pieces at-a-glance.
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