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    What bad luck.. my bf "lent" me his rolex to wear while he's gone for awhile and well, to think of him. haha so today I had taken it out and wanted to change the time and the date but I guess I had pulled too hard causing the crown to come off as well as the spring .. but the dial? still is working and everything. The crown came off clean, and is hollow inside and based on reading forums it can be simple rescrewed back on?????. The stem however seems like its just stuck inside? and i suppose the spring was inside the stem or around it. so based on this. I don't believe i'd have to replace anything? I HOPE. I hope the stem is just stuck and they just need to open it up and re adjust it?! ( guess I should stick to cheaper watches ... :sad: )

    If i do need to replace the crown + stem anybody know the price approx? :sad: .. I'd gone to a watch dealer and they quoted me around $500 to ship it to Toronto and fix. + even more to replace parts....... .............................................*sigh. is that approx how much it runs for or? and I'd gone to the bay but the girl didn't even know what she was talking about and quoted me $245. (Previously I'd gone to them to try to shorten the watch and they said they had to ship it out and shipping itself cost 70$ + cost to remove links. I ended up going downtown to this expensive watch store and the guy looked so professional and was able to shorten the wrist size for me for only $10!) any info on this would be greatly greatly appreciated.. Is there anyway I could know if my situation is a minor problem for if i need to replace the stem and crown? ? I'm heading down to the Brinkhaus jewellers later this week but any info on this would be greatly greatly appreciated...


  2. Its hard to know exactly what broke, but I would only have the watch worked on by an authorized rolex repair center.
    PS: Whatever you do don't let the bay handle the Rolex.
  3. Rolex Service Center only, or an authorized Rolex dealer who has an in-house Rolex-trained repair person.

    No idea of price, but "it is what it is," as they say. There's no economizing.
  4. Very hard to say how expensive it will be. I would definately go to a authorized dealer with an inhouse repair guy and have them look at it. I have a good relationship with my Rolex dealer here in Europe and they never charge me for smaller things. I think $10 for adjusting the bracelet to your size is offending, I have never paid for that kind of things. It is part of the service when having a Rolex. They also adjust the clockwork if it starts to loose or gain time for free plus other minor stuff. However if it has to be send to Rolex, $500 sounds very possible. It is expensive when they have to do actual work on it.

    But PLEASE do NOT take it to ANY unauthorized place. I did that once and it took Rolex service many months and an extra $1,000 to make up for the stuff the unauthorized place did to it (which they charged $600 for) before it was good again. I repeat DO NOT try to save money. ONLY authorized Rolex people should look at your BF's Rolex.
  5. Thanks !!! Yes, service was already so bad and the girl had no idea what she was talking about she said I could just ship to their other office to fix and so I said you mean send to Toronto to Rolex and she said nope ! We can fix it here and I was thinking... Doesn't sound right
  6. How do I know if they are authorized dealer ? Just by their word ??? Thanks !!

  7. Thanks !!
  8. It would be with unauthethic parts. I worked at the Bay during the summer. Oh dear...
  9. raffi jewellers just opened up in yorkdale, they're an authorized rolex dealer. you could send it there. or you could send it directly to the rolex store on bloor?
  10. All authorized dealers are listed on Rolex's website
  11. Aren't I able to go to other authorized dealers outside of the site?
  12. ?? If they aren't on the site, they aren't authorized.
  13. I've done the same thing before. Depends on if only the stem came off cleanly and none of the winding mechanism was damaged - it will probably cost around $200-$300.

    If the winding mechanism is also damaged, then the repair may be $600+.

    Most importantly, the rolex mechanism is very easy to fix (it is designed to be so). The challenge is finding somone that has the part on hand.

    9 out of 10 times, the watch will have to be sent in to RSC (Rolex Service Center) for repair because the parts are not readily available.
  14. thanks so much!! from the outside the crown looks clean and stem just looks like it's pushed in? and spring came out. but doesn't look like anything snapped off or what not but wouldn't know for sure until they look internally :/ I brought it to this one guy who wasn't listed on the site but he said he was certified.. but on the wall i had just seen " certified Breitling" certificate.. but no rolex.. so iffy about that also he just took a quick peek at it without opening it and said it just looks like he has to open the back and re-attach the spring and stem n etc. he said it doesn't look like I need replacement parts but he'd know for sure once he opens it. that was a big relief to know i dont have to possibly order parts .. . but I'm not planning to do it there. I just wanted his opinion so i have somewhat an idea of the situation i was in b/c id been panicking! haha. I dropped by "brinkhaus" which is auth. dealer on the rolex website and waiting list is until jan. to even get an estimate but he's the only in-house tech avail. from the ones listed on the site! but It's worth the wait. plus him fixing in-store saves money to ship out + insurance. so I'm planning to drop it off to them tmrw or so! thanks sooo much again!;)

  15. Also, does anyone know how much it cost to service like clean/oil/ internally and make the watch look shiny and new on the outside ?