help bridesmaid details!!!!

  1. Ok so Im walking a wedding in December. I am helping my friend (the bride) with some of the details. Well the topic of our shoes have come up and I told her I would email her some ideas. Keep in mind it is a Miami wedding so it may be chilly but never any lower than mid 40s (which is very unlikely)

    So here is a picture of the options for the dress (skirt is the only thing that changes). Tell me which one you prefer:

    Shes allowing us to pick the one were most comfortable in.

    So these are different choices ive found for shoes:

    Sorry for all the links but otherwise i'd be here all night saving pictures and then uploading them. Im uploading a picture of myself so you can give me your input/advice! I'm 5'3 and 120 lbs. My hair is now shoulder length.. (just little details)

    Thanks sooooooooo much for your help!!!:tender: :tender: :tender:
  2. Because the top is so fitted, I love the idea of a fuller skirt. (Go with either three or four.)

    . . . . and do a nude strapless bra underneath. It looks so much better if the bra doesn't match the dress. (And what will you do with a periwinkle colored bra after the wedding?)
  3. Thanks for your help!!! :yahoo: :yahoo: I planned on wearing a nude colored strapless with that top.

    As for the skirt I was thinking the narrow one would probably be too much so one of the a-line cuts would probably be a better bet... more sophisticated.

    Any tips on shoe colors/ styles?? We were thinking either silver or dyeables (which i dont like). I love open toes and strappy sandals would that be a no no since the wedding is in December??? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated!! THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

    Some ideas?

    haha i love these!

    THANKS AGAIN!!! :heart: