Help! Bridal Shower Gift...

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  1. I screwed up and totally forgot about this shower, and don't have time to get something off their registry. What other gifts are appropriate? PLEASE help:s
  2. I think any of the gifts from Oxfam would be lovely
  3. I'm married but didn't have a bridal shower, but I thought those showers were supposed to have lingerie and stuff like that? If you don't want to get that, maybe you can get them something from Bed Bath and Beyond that you think they would like.
  4. ooo, a pretty platter from Tiffany's :love:
  5. I only have today to look for something...the shower is tomorrow...
  6. Oh no...Well, how about a gift certificate? There are lots of places (even grocery stores) who sell gift certificates to various stores. I know that Safeway here sells REI, Pottery Barn, Nordstroms, etc. cards at the checkout counter. Maybe you could find something like that?

    A nice picture frame is also a good option - I really like the Waterford crystal frame I received from someone.

    Good luck!
  7. Why not order something online and give a pretty card with a little note stating that the gift is on the way?
  8. Gift card is a great option! :yes:
  9. Thanks for that link uhkiwi! Those gifts are great for any occasion - and something for every budget!

    So much for my Shopping Moratorium :wtf:
  10. nice cutlery set
  11. A gift certificate from the stores she registered in!!
  12. I wanted to add that when you get something of the registry its often not helpful because the bride to be might have something like that or she doesn't need it or it doesn't fit her house/apartment. If you do get off something off the registry include a receipt.
  13. gift certificate is a superb idea. Or what about a certificate to a spa for a facial, massage, or mani/pedi?