Help! Brand New Mini Flap Damaged?!

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    I just arrived from Paris with a new mini flap in caviar. To my dismay when I unboxed it, there seems to be 3 very noticeable dent/wrinkles on the flap area.
    - has anyone had this problem?
    - is this damaged. Or normal for caviar?
    - will I be able to exchange it here in US if needed?
    It most certainly looks damaged vs just normal wear/tear. So disappointed!!
    Pls see pics...



    appreciate your opinion!!
  2. Try to keep to one thread about the same of them will be deleted.

    Sorry to hear. If you are unhappy with the condition then try to exchange it for another. Idk of it's necessarily a flaw as the soft caviar this season seems prone to folds and wrinkles.
  3. Those folds are not normal, a brand new piece should be puffy through out the quilts.
  4. @sneez I initially got an error on my smart phone that my first attempt to post did not go through clearly this was an error and I'll delete the other post as soon as I can in my computer ( unable to delete it from the app).
  5. @soxx thanks for the convo relevant value added input.
  6. It is disappointing. If you didn't see the dents when you purchased the bag, I wonder if they were done during transportation.

    I would go to a Chanel store ASAP and see what can be done to fix the leather. Good Luck!
  7. That's definitely not normal, although I do have those folds on one of my lambskin jumbos from previous seasons (it was HTF and purchased pre-owned so I overlooked this issue). I don't believe anything can be done to fix it...
  8. You can exchange it in the US with original receipt withinh 14 days that what I was told by my Chanel local store 2 weeks ago . Good luck!
  9. Thanks everyone! I doubt it was from transportation as I carried it in the original sturdy box and the box was dent/scratch free...I'll try to exchange it at the local store.
  10. Exchange it, I have seen many bags with wrinkling like that!
  11. At first I thought you were talking about the white dots on the bag. Do return it if you're not happy with it. Good luck with the next bag.
  12. I got my earrings exchanged because I bought then in Paris and 2 wks later a crystal fell out. They happened to have a pair in stock so they gave me the new ones instead of making me wait weeks for a fix. So definitely bring your undamaged box as proof it wasn't your fault.
  13. It's defected item. you should exchange it.