HELP! Brand and size of jeans for my sister...

  1. Hi Everyone!

    I bought a pair of Sevens for my sister for Christmas, but I've been having trouble with sizing. I'm not use to buying jeans for other people and I've been through two pairs and they still don't fit her...

    We're completely opposite - I'm a size 25 with no butt/curves at all.... She's full figured and wears between an 8-10 in jeans....

    Any recommendations on other designer brands that may work better (the Sevens in a size 31 was too small and the 32 was too big)... :shrugs:
  2. TRUE RELIGIONS!! i like the joey a lot..i would try 31 in those...maybe?
  3. A lot of Seven For All mankind washes and styles run differently. I have found that the Flynts can run smaller than the NYD sig bootcuts (IMO). Rock and Republics run big, IMO. She can also check out True Religions. Those might work for her. Good Luck!
  4. I am a 6, and like the Seven A-Pocket jeans and Dojo Jeans. They do vary a lot in terms of sizing depending on the wash though. I also love Rock and Republic jeans.
  5. Paige jeans fit amazing, but don't get any of the low-rise ones. The paige website is great.
  6. Joe's The Honey jeans look amazing on most people, you should try those.
  7. I'm glad you posted this! I have a similar issue but for myself. I'm built like your sister and fluctuate b/t an 8-12, but usually 10-12 on the bottom. My mom told me that my jeans- I own two pairs that I got from TJ Maxx or something over 3 years ago look worn out and awful. I was considering getting a more expensive pair b/c I wear them so long. Revolve is having a sale and I was checking out a pair of TR Joey's and a pair of AG jeans. They also have some Tag jeans really cheap now too. I'd love to try the Honey jeans, but can't find them on sale.

    I'll probably have to skip the online sale and go to Off 5th or something and try on. I hate trying jeans! But the recommendations in this thread are helpful!

    If you could comply w/ Revolve's return policy for clearance denim, you might find a good deal for your sister.
  8. I am shaped like your sister, and I wore Seven Dojo's for a while there and bootcuts as well as Citizen's, but then I discovered Joe's Jeans. If she has a fuller hip/butt/thigh those should work for her. I wear the 30 or 31 and wear about a 10 in pants. They are ultra forgiving and run generously. I have several styles and they all fit like a dream. Try those!
  9. AG would also be a great brand for her.
  10. I am an 8 and I wear 7fam. They are my favorite. That said, they definitely run differently depending on size and I own everything from a 29 (older ones though) to a 32. I think she really just needs to go try on various styles and see what works. I am not super curvy though... I've got hips but no butt.
  11. Yes I remember this was Oprah's favorite pair on her show w/ Stacy London. They really slimmed her down!
    As far as sizing goes, order two pairs in her size range and return the ones that do not fit. AG jeans in my opinion tend to run smaller than most other brands, so might want to size up (others, pls feel free to correct me if this is wrong).