Help! Boyfriend's YSL wallet damaged, any hope for repair?


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May 3, 2014
Hell, 9th Circle
So, tonight after work, my boyfriend was coming into the house and sat his wallet on the kitchen counter with his keys and things, and walked off for a moment. The lights were off in the kitchen at the time, so he left for about 5 minutes.

When he came back, he just about had a coronary when he realized the spot he sat the counter on was soaked with some sort of sticky juice of some kind. It had time to sink almost through the leather to the lining of the wallet.

This is a vintage piece, we're not sure how old it is, but we did have it authenticated and it was in good condition. Do you have any advice for cleaning this piece?! He's so upset :sad: this is his first accessory disaster.


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Feb 23, 2017
Thank you for posting this on my behalf. AHHH I'm still so upset tbh, I've left it to dry. :C I had to switch back to my cheap-o DynoMighty wallet which granted, it's cool, but it's not YSL... Any thoughts/help will be much appreciated!

Shawna O

Aug 6, 2016
Ottawa Canada
Hi. I'm not an expert on cleaning leather but if you ask the rehabbers on the coach rehab pages, they might have some advice. They aren't afraid to try anything including soaking in the sink with lukewarm water and mild dishsoap. That may be your best bet! I think you find it by going to coach clubhouse, then go down a bit and you'll see the rehab pages.