HELP! Boy WOC flap is crooked

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  1. Hi everyone--I'm a longtime lurker and first-time poster, so I apologize in advance if things are formatted or working properly.

    I put in a phone order for a Boy WOC in black caviar from the Cruise 18/19 collection and it arrived today. When I took it out to inspect it I noticed that the top flap is kind of misaligned. The left side seems a bit shorter than the right, and you can even see the bottom stitching underneath it. I tried making sure all the zippers were flat, closing it and reclosing it, everything, and I can't get it to be straight. I have another Boy WOC in a different color with the old strap style and it doesn't seem to have these issues. I don't think the misalignment is super noticeable if you're not looking for it, but it still kind of bothers me. I feel like maybe I should return it because after the price increase, $2700 is kind of a lot to spend for a crooked bag. On the other hand, 1) this is my first time buying from this SA so I don't want to make a fuss, 2) maybe it's better for it not to be totally perfect so I won't feel bad taking it out and using it, and 3) Chanel items are handmade (right?) and therefore it's normal for there to be some variations, and I should just be happy to have it.

    What should I do? I don't want to hassle my SA over something stupid, but I've seen where people have returned bags over way smaller issues, and I am kind of disappointed. Since I'm not buying it in person, though, I guess I also risk exchanging it for something worse. Am I being too picky, or would I be justified in complaining? Has anyone else had this experience?
    InkedImage-1_LI.jpg Image-2.jpeg
    The "normal" side, side view Image-3.jpeg
    The "short" side, side view Image-4.jpeg
  2. It’s not just you. I have turned down several bags when a flap does not look symmetrical to me, but I will warn you that SAs get turned off by that reasoning.

    If it’s minor I’m sure a lot of people can live with it, but if it bothers you, it’ll never feel like you got the price you paid. Good luck!
  3. I dont own any wocs but ever since I learned that the flap changes shpe with very regular use anyway, I would assume having it PERFECTLY straight in the beginning isnt neccessarily a promise it will stay that way over time. My minis (one new, one 30 yrs old) but have flaps that I can shift and move so that they look uneven if i want to, and I dont mind.. I suppose at the end of the day the question is if YOU like it? is it your dream bag? then keep. My brand new mini had a loose thread and 1 leather peel and after checking in the boutique with the SA we agreed its simply a too-long-end-of-a-thread and cut it off and i didnt care about the ever-so-tiny-you-couldnt-really-see-it-peel. because it was the only black ghw mini in ALL of europe left - i had tried for months and years before that. End of story? Im laughing about it now - i got my holy grail :smile:
  4. Thanks, y'all--I feel better now. :smile: I think I'm going to hold onto it because the unevenness is not too obvious, and since I'm not doing this in person to inspect it for myself an exchange might not guarantee me anything better. And I'm so guilty of buying bags and SLGs and never using them because they're beautiful and pristine and I don't want to spoil that, so the fact that it's slightly imperfect already makes me less afraid to take it out and actually USE it like it's intended!!