Help! Bought the fake LV bag from ebay...T.T

  1. my sis bought the Lv bag from ebay..the seller said it was 100% authentic and the picture she posted under the description section seemed authentic.. and my sis emailed the seller and asked if it was 100% authentic and the answer was yes, it was..but the bag IS fake and we have every reason to believe so..the seller told my sis to return the bag if it wasn't authentic and that's what we're trying to do here..however the seller would refund the full price minus the shipping fee, but it was shipped from UK and it's gonna be almost $40~50 for the shipping and we don't wanna waste my money on that! so is it better to contact the seller first or inform ebay about the fake bag seller first? plz help we're really really upset that this happened!
    thanx a lot.
  2. if you paid by paypal, file an "item not as desctibed disupute" but wait till paypay tall you to ship theitem back. the you'll get your shipping fees refunded.

    if you paid by others means you might have to compy to get your money back. as soon as you do, neg them and report them to ebay.