Help! Bought new Chanel Bag - What is it??

  1. I live in an area that has no stores that carry Chanel bags so I had to do my searching online and by calling stores. Finally bought one sight unseen at a Sak's. It is a 10 x 5 x 2 bag with square quilting (not diamond) and has a smaller chain than usual. Apparently can be used as a shoulder bag or clutch. It is lambskin. Does anyone know what this might be called? Or if it is one that is included in the price increase. I don't know if I bought it pre or post price increase. Thanks!!!
  2. What is the price?

    it sounds like the e/w pochette but the older version which is square quilting and the removable chain.
  3. What is e/w?


  4. east/west is the shorter version of the medium classic flap. let me try to find a pic of the purse i think you got.
  5. E/W means it's long and not so tall, it 'runs E/W' like in length.
    A N/S bag would be taller and thinner, like it runs N/S.
  6. ok so I couldnt find the specific purse you got but here's my east/west


    the one you got has diamond quilts and the chain doesnt go through the two holes on top of the flap but instead it clips onto the side of the purse so that you can remove it and use it as a clutch
  7. Wow. It is beautiful!!!! Love the color.

    Is diamond quilting better than square quilting or just different?
  8. ^ thanks!

    there's no difference between the quality, just personal preference. I havent seen the square quilting on any of the recent e/w bags though so make sure there's nothing wrong with your's. i remember bluefly had a tan lambskin one, it's a cute bag!
  9. I am gathering from your posts that this type of bag might be an older model. However, the sales person at SAk's told me that they had sold a lot of these at Christmas time and that this was the last one left. Does this sound right?
  10. Shannbar - what color is your's?
  11. Can we help you post pics?That would help ID it quicker!
  12. i did see a little pouchette-ish bag today that had square quilting. it was very small, smaller than the dimensions you gave. it also had a black camellia on it.
  13. ^ ohh I know which one yo're talking about, that one is DARLING.

    shannbar - I found a picture of the purse I think you ordered. the purse I'm looking at looks exactly like the one in this auction except it is all leather and the chain hooks are inside the purse and not on the side of the purse.
  14. The one I bought is black. And there was no mention of a camelia.

    Can't post pics, don't have it yet.

    Jen, I hope it's like the one in the pic you posted, that is sooooo cute! Mine should be here tomorrow (or maybe Friday)and I can post then.

    What do you guys think of the price? Pre or post increase?
  15. can't wait till u post pics! I never knew there was such a design at all. You got a lovely price, I have a feeling its pre increase or maybe it wasn't subject to it at all?

    The camelia one is cute too, there's a TPF-er who posted her pic (white one i think) in the resource thread long time ago and it had square quilting too. The camelia is a lovely and distinctive accent to the bag.

    But its a lot smaller than the east west and it doesn't have detachable straps (it can be slung across the chest, doubled up as a shoulder or the straps hidden to use as a boxy clutch! droool :p~~ )

    Do they still have these available anyone knows? Or was it seasonal?