HELP: Bought item from bonanzle - never received it

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  1. Hi,

    I bought a Balenciaga handbag thru bonanzle from the seller "whitelights" and never received the item. Filed claim with paypal. This is what paypal said:

    "After careful review, we have determined that the seller is at fault but
    regret to inform you that we were unable to recover any funds from the
    seller's account.

    We'll make every effort to recover the funds from the seller although we
    can't guarantee you will receive a refund. For more information please
    review our Buyer Protection Policy in the User Agreement."

    I don't know what to do. I just filed a chargeback with my cc company. Do you think I will get my money back? :cursing:
  2. Yes, if your cc company is a decent one. No item = credit to your cc.
  3. And what's up with Balenciaga? Lately, almost every horror story involves a BBag.
  4. Whitelights is the same fraudulent seller that has been busted before. :sad:

    SOOOOO sorry. I would definitely let Bonanzle know what the deal is too so they can ban her and perhaps they can help even more.

  5. omg! I almost bought a bag from this seller, but she never answered any of my questions regarding shipping or authenticity or her whereabouts! I had a feeling she was a fraud after she refused to meet up for a straight cash/bag exchange!
  6. I don't see whitelights registered anymore on Bonz...??

    KAGOME... can you tell us what bbag you bought and do you still have the LINK to her booth?

    I am wondering if this is the same seller who scamming frankiextah & Deer?
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    emailed bonanzle today and I guess they suspended her account today. Here's the link to the one I bought.
    I guess, you can't go to her booth anymore. This is her details from bonanzle.

    User name Full name Email Activation Status eBay ID
    whitelights xxxxxxxxxx suspended greengrassandflowers
  8. ^^I don't think you're allowed to post a person's actual name, even if she is a scammer! Try to edit it out.
  9. DAMN.. I am glad I did not see this listing, cause I'd have been fighting you for it!:faint:
    If PP cannot do anything, immediately file a chargeback on your CC.
  10. OMG, Brandy??? Don't tell me it's the same Brandy that was the scammer from that Vans thread??? Holy crap. Didn't she "sell" bbags on eBay, too?

    I find it very sad and discouraging that Bonanzle couldn't retrieve your $1,000??? I'm sorry, but that's a hell of a lot of money to lose out because PP can't retrieve their funds? What? Why is it when it's done via PP through fBay they're quick to get their funds? This is horrible.

    Good luck and I hope your CC is a decent one and you'll get your money back.
  11. I am sorry I didn't know. I can't edit it anymore.
  12. I did it through AMEX and they have been pretty good. Did you know that she had a gorgeous anthra GGH city posted after that?
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    you guys, would you want someone posting YOUR full name and e-mail addy on a website?

    Please do not post anyone's personal info on tPF ever.

    Thank you!
  14. fBay transactions are covered by PayFoe buyer's protection; transactions elsewhere aren't. You can still open a dispute, but if you win, whether or not you get your money back depends on PayFoe's ability to collect the money from the seller.