HELP! Bought and received fake Dior from eBay...

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  1. I recently purchased a White Large Gaucho Dior bag on eBay from seller lux_styles. As soon as I received the item I checked out details for authenticity (mainly from this forum). I found alot of authenticity issues by comparing it to magazine pictures, the pics from the sellers site and the one they sent me. I've already contacted the seller for a refund and so far they don't want to refund my bag because I'm not an "expert" in authenticating bags. I paid through PayPal but have seen that most people that file claims aren't getting a full refund. I've emailed the seller again in hopes that they would reconsider and await for their reply. What can I do if they don't want to work with me? I don't have a Dior dealer here to authenticate so it's basically my word against theirs. The only thing that was suggested to me was to obtain pics of an authentic bag and show a side by side comparison. I'm so upset at myself for falling for something so stupid. Here are pics of the item sent to me....Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
    gaucho01166.JPG gaucho01169.JPG gaucho01173.JPG gaucho01181.JPG
  2. Can you post this in the Authenticate This thread in the DIOR forum? Also post the link to the auction so people there can give their opinions.

    You need to file a dispute with eBay right away. I hope you paid with a credit card - if so, contact them right away and file a chargeback.
  3. Thank you addictedtolv, I've already posted in Authenticate This... and someone suggested I post this message here too. Thanks for the advice, it's very much appreciated.