Help! Bought a new Chanel and don't know the name!


Jan 12, 2006
there was one w/ red leather lining, perhaps that's the other size?
My SA chose that one last year and I've been a little bitter ever since for not buying it:blah:
Thanks to all of you for helping me with the name of this bag and for your great comments about it. I am new to Chanel and have a lot to learn but you girls jumped in and came to my rescue! I love tpf!! :heart: And I think I am going to keep this new bag 'cause it is gorgeous.


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May 17, 2006
Personally i will not buy or keep this bag....first it's patent which i prefer caviar or lambskin leather. secondly, it looks very boxy to me and don't really like the shape/style.
You girls are the best! All of your comments are so helpful.

When a couple of customers came into the Chanel area and "tried it on", it was so gorgeous on them. I can be more objective when I see a bag on someone else. Of course, I have to love the way it looks on me.

I had so wanted the Coco Cabas but didn't even know it existed until it was too late and it was gone. I was shocked to find out it was vinyl though. Couldn't believe Chanel would make a vinyl bag but it is gorgeous though.


Jul 11, 2007
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Celia - It's not as boxy as the timeless petite shopping tote and you did say that you like that bag in anotther thread. Could it be the size that you dont like?Now i'm beginning to wonder if I should get the timless tote :confused1:


Mar 1, 2006
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I returned my Luxe ligne patent tote because it was just way too big and clumsy for me. And I'm not a delicate girl either... I lift weights and can heft a good amount but it was almost impossible to tote that bag around without it feeling seriously heavy/awkward. Add to that the patent attracted dust like a magnetic and I couldn't deal with wiping it down all the time. I love the style and wish I could have somehow made it work.