Help! Bought a new Chanel and don't know the name!

  1. Hope all you can help me with the name of my new Chanel bag. It is black patent, rather large, (east-west shape) with chain/leather handles, all silver leather lining and the center of the bag zips. Sort of boxy and on the large side, but love it! Does anyone know the name of it? Am debating on whether to keep it or not because it is a little large. Opinions????? :confused1:
  2. Luxury ligne tote. I have one in the smaller size. :yes:
  3. Can you post a picture?
  4. ^Here's mine:
  5. Alright! This looks just like it, but they told me it didn't come in a smaller size. Mine was $2,750. Does that sound right to you?
  6. I will try to post a picture, but the one that was just posted is exactly like it.
  7. Beautiful bag! Congrats on your purchase!
  8. I do love the looks of the bag, and the quality, but it is so much money to spend for me and I have to just be sure. I'm sure you girls understand that......
  9. Absolutely! And if you're not 100% then maybe it's not the bag for you. Keep it a few days then see how you feel about bringing it back. If you try to talk yourself out of returning it, you've got a keeper! Congrats!
  10. missisa07 how tall are you and does yours looks "boxy" when you carry it? I am 5'6"......
  11. thanks ferociousjeanne, I saw this bag on a lady walking around in Neiman's in Bev. Hills back in September. I asked the SA in NM and she said it was unavailable then, but I did see it in Sak's in BH. Didn't buy it then because I was afraid of it being a little too large. But when I saw it this past week here in Atlanta in NM, I had to buy it. I will play with it for several days and decide what to do.
  12. It is beautiful!
  13. that bag is TO DIE FOR!! I'm pretty much a sucker for anything in the Luxe Ligne, but there's a few pieces that really take my breath away and that tote is one of them FOR SURE!
  14. I'm not 100% sure about the two sizes thing, but other TPF'ers have said there are two sizes. Roey posted pictures of her modeling hers in the Luxe Ligne thread in the reference library and hers definitely looks bigger than mine for whatever reason.

    I use mine primarily for school and travel since it is a big bag. I LOVE IT. It's so sturdy!

  15. Wow! That bag looks gorgeous on her! Thanks Swanky Mama and missisa07. That picture makes me want to keep it for sure. I'm going to go now and check out the Luxe Ligne thread.