Help -- bought a fake Isabel Marant dress

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  1. Hi,
    I have read through this section but still am quite confused as to how to proceed as I have never had a problem on ebay. I bought an Isabel Marant dress from a seller in France. The auction listed three photos. I received the dress yesterday and it is clear that it is a fake. The dress is not the same as the photos, there are no care labels in the dress, and the dress appears to have the original label taken out and an "Isabel Marant" label sewn in it. I have contacted the seller and asked for a refund including shipping costs. She insists it is authentic. What do I do next? Do I dispute through ebay or paypal? Help, I am sooooo confused!!!
  2. If you paid via PP, then file a SNAD dispute via PP.

    Proving an item of clothing is FAKE can be more difficult to prove to PP than simply "not as described". If you received a dress that is DIFFERENT than the dress shown in the photos of the auction, then that would be the basis of my claim. Point out to PP the reasons that the dress you received is NOT the same dress as in the auction. You were NOT sent the item being depicted in the auction.

    If you paid w/ a credit card, and you lose your PP claim, you can call your credit card co, explain the situation to them and ask them to file a chargeback. You CANNOT file a chargeback while you have an active PP claim, as PP will close your claim. SO, if you plan to file w/ PP, do that first.
  3. I would contact PAYPAL and let them know this item is a FAKE and file

    a SNAD claim. Then contact your cc and let them know that this is not the

    item that was descrsibed in the auction and you believe it to be a fake as well.

    Good luck and shame on that seller for trying to get away

    with doing this as an international transaction.
  4. Thanks so much to you both . . . Ellie Mae and hotshot! I filed a claim with paypal. I understand that you can escalate the claim, but am not sure about the timing as to when to do this. Any insight would be appreciated!
  5. Hard call... it is my understanding that you have 10 days. However...some advise to give the seller time to respond. Others advise that if the seller is unresponsive AND has been uncooperative, escalate immediately.
    One thing I can tell you is make sure you have said all you want to say about your claim of SNAD b4 you escalate, as supposedly you cannot add info to you claim after escalation UNLESS you CALL PP and advise them of further info to add to the claim.
    Good luck!! When in doubt, CALL PP. IMO, their live reps are usually very helpful.
  6. escalate instantly. once they see a dispute they empty out their paypal. escalating freezes your money in their account, more chance of recovery.
  7. I completely agree with Ellie Mae. I don't know what you said in your claim but, you would probably be better off not even saying that you think it is fake because, then paypal may want you to provide them with proof that it is fake. I would just let them know that the dress you recieved is NOT the same dress that was pictured in the auction and let them know ALL the differences in the one you got and the one in the auction.

  8. Thanks to everyone for your helpful advice. I escalated and now I guess I will just wait and see what happens next.
  9. Definetly file a SNAD immediately with paypal and escalate as soon as possible! I hate sellers that do sneaky stuff like that! :tdown: